Friday, October 9, 2009

Prayer Cannot Cure Cancer- Even When Combined with Herbs

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A Pentecostal minister/doctor has been arrested for killing people by promising that her herbal concoction, combined with prayer, could cure everything from MS to cancer.

Prosecutors said Daniel concocted a remedy known, among other names, as "C-Extract" that she claimed would help treat cancer and other afflictions such as multiple sclerosis, hepatitis, and Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Some of her patients were drawn to her from her appearance on TBN's "Praise the Lord." Daniel told viewers she collected herbs from around the world, and, when they were combined with prayer, there was a good chance their cancer could be cured.

"We have seen the dead raised," Daniel said on the broadcast, according to the indictment.

Now, when will we see TBN charged? They put this woman on the air, in front of millions, to preach that herbs and prayer would cure cancer. Desperate people will do anything, including risking their lives on the belief that somebody had managed to raise the dead with herbs. That is shameful. It's shameful that Daniel took advantage of desperate people that way, and equally shameful that TBN gave her a forum to do so.


  1. Shameful.

    I don't have a TV, but was staying at a hotel recently and saw my first ever televangelist prosperity gospel-type preacher. Ho.lee.shit.

    He was banging on about the feeding of the multitude and a bunch of other times that things were 'multiplied' in the Bible and how fantastic that was - you sow the seed and God will reap a reward for you.
    "So what I want you to do today is send us $100 of 'seed money' that God is going to reap for this country"

    They were asking for a thousand donations. A thousand! 100k from the viewing public and do you know what they 'promised' in return?

    7 days of miracles.


    I wonder how much they actually make off a scam like that?

  2. A disturbingly large amount of money. Was that the weird tent revival show, where they go all split-screen and have some weird nutjob talking over shots of a praise choir? I hate those guys, but they use "seed money" all the time...

  3. somewhere in one of his autobiographical pieces, Heinlein talks about how he became a writer. he'd been a committed Navy man, but was discharged near the end of WWI because he had tuberculosis (sp?). he was desperate for money, and had been seriously considering "turning to the pulpit" - when he ran across a short-fiction contest. the amount the winner would recieve was, IIRC, $50, which at the time was pretty substansial. so, he wrote a story... and sent to a sci-fi publication instead, and got paid a fair amount more (i think $75? i *think*).
    at which point he said to himself something along the lines of "you can lie to people on a stage, seeing their faces full of the false hope you're feeding them - or you can lie to them on paper, imagining their faces full of enjoyment of an exciting tale. sure, the first is more "respectable", but my second wife isn't*. and if you go with writing, well, you can make your own hours and won't want to kill yourself every morning. honor's where you make it." and went on to not only be one of THE defining sci-fi writers, but to a fabulous career in (part-time, when he wanted, for scads of money) aero-space engineering (he designed a good chunk of the basic spec for WWII fighter jets and bombers, mostly engine design, a lot of which was design that wasn't usable yet because it couldn't be made then), and some of his designs are *still* in use on the Blackbird, and on the Space Shuttles) and invented the waterbed. and died in 1988, causing my first and last hysterical fit in 6th grade.

    *Virginia Heinlein was his second wife - he had been married when they met, (to a woman whose name i can't remember)in a desperately unhappy marriage in many ways, and they seperated, each pairing off with another. she finally divorced him about 5 years after he and Virginia "got together"... they had been "passing" as married for all of that time, and had to travel out-of-state to get married for reals, because if they had been *caught* getting married - well, this was 1936 or so, and that was never a good idea. Virginia Heinlein died only a few years ago, and was reputed to be the most gracious and intelligent being ever to walk the Earth. at least this millenia. and i still have a bit of a crush on Robert Heinlein... it's sad, really...


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