Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Have Touched Holy Water Before

This is so stupid I don't really need to snark on it.

POMPANO BEACH — Two teachers accused of sprinkling holy water onto an avowed atheist colleague have been removed from the classroom, and may be fired.

I'm not really sure what an "avowed atheist" is, but really? Holy water? Are atheists demons? Vampires? Just for the record, I have touched holy water since realizing I was an atheist. Nothing happened.

For the record, the accused claim that (a) it was perfume, and (b) it never happened.


  1. Yeah, apparently it was a joke done in front of the students in the classroom. Not a good place for such a joke.

  2. but (b)!

    I love conflicting protestations of innocence.

  3. I'm innocent, because of two mutually exclusive events! Innocent, I tell you!

  4. Holy water? Is anyone even a little bit concerned that they think the water is holy??

  5. I liked this comment on the article:

    "After reading news articles from the USA and watching your so-called violent, gorey and pornographic 'entertainment', it seems as if the ENTIRE COUNTRY needs to be doused in Holy Water from planes! And that includes those demons in the White House."

    Holy Water From Planes! Good name for a band.

  6. If you can't laugh off getting sprayed, in all seriousness, with honest-to-goodness holy water, then you have no sense of humour whatsoever.

  7. @Quasar - depends a lot on how it was done. For example, if someone were to grab me so their partner could spray me with holy water, I wouldn't be laughing it off.

    I don't know the specifics of this case, so I don't know whether that applies here - and I do agree that mockery is definitely deserved here.

  8. I mean, I don't think the atheist person in the story thought the holy water would hurt them - but don't you think your coworkers trying to exorcise you kind of creates a hostile work environment?

  9. Oh definitely Rebecca, plus it hugely undermines the authority of the teacher being "exorcised" for the students who witnessed it. I don't think it's a minor offense.


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