Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where's Your Global Warming Now?

Yesterday was day two of freakishly high temps* in Northeastern PA. Over 90F (32C) in NEPA in May is bizarre. Well, it used to be bizarre. Now we get that sort of thing in April.

While I was trying not to melt last night, or just start crying from heat-induced crankiness, I thought about something. When it snows in February, climate change deniers are all over it. "Where's the global warming now?" they chortle, as if snow in February were somehow unusual, but when the temperature soars to well above normal, they never say a word.


*Just for fun, it'll go down to the 60s (around 18C) tomorrow, and then we'll all get sick. We've been doing this for 2 months now.


  1. That is not normal for weather? So Oklahoma has just been weird this whole time and now global warming is letting everyone catch up with us?


    Spring in Dallas ain't the same as spring in Chicago. This I can tell you right now.

  3. That may explain a lot of what goes on in Oklahoma.

    And after the summer in El Paso in which the temperature never got below 100 for 42 days straight, I can confirm that nothing is like spring in Texas.

  4. Hey, if you don't like the weather in Pennsylvania...

    just wait a few minutes.

    We're the only state that experiences five seasons.

  5. The fifth one is called "What the fuck?!"

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. That seems to quite accurately explain England's weather much of the time too :>

    "What the fuck?!" season, i like it!

  8. It does make the weather portion of the newscast a little bleepy.

  9. On the other hand, it snowed THREE times in Houston last winter, compared to maybe three or four times in the fifteen years before that I can remember. When the 90 degree days came, I said, "Thank God!" Being cold sucks!

  10. Us Northeasterners are giving you the evil eye now, Myra. ;)

  11. I think that means I should keep my pleasant weather all the time southern california mouth shut.

  12. It's not really pleasant all the time, I occasionally have to turn on the fan in august and often need to add another blanket in february.

  13. [wraps self in nice warm jacket]

    14°C (57°F) down here at the moment.

    And yes, CCDenialists's are spleenweasels of the highest magnitude. the "it's cold, ergo no climate change" argument can't be blamed on simple ignorance or misinformation: it requires a minumum level of solid gold stupidity.


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