Friday, May 21, 2010

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Sometimes the people at Rapture Ready worry me. Actually, a lot of the time they worry me, what with the death cult and the gun ownership and the tea partying and the gun ownership, but sometimes I worry very much for them, rather than about them.

Someone at work today mentioned to me that I seem sad, not like myself...uhh.....ya THINK!!!!!

Well, I don't generally talk to folks at work about my life.....but I did share a little with her that I am just really sick of the world, the folks in it, the job, etc...and she said that it might be helpful to talk to a Counselor.....I could not help but to laugh out loud, and then I imagined what that session might go like:

Counselor: So, tell me what is bothering you Mrs. Coco?
Me: Everything
C: Can you elaborate?
Me: NO
C: Well, I need to know what troubles you in order to help?
Me: I'm sick of this world , my job, where I live, people, everything, and tired of waiting on Jesus to come!
C: ...Well, do you want to change careers?
Me: Yes, I would like a new job in the Kingdom of Heaven.
C: ...Well, do you want to move to a new place?
Me: Yes, I would like to move into my Mansion that Jesus has prepared for me in Heaven.
C: ..Well, do you want to go out and meet new people?
Me: No, I would like to meet my BIC and SIC in Heaven.
C: (skips right over the Jesus question) Well, sounds to me like you are saying you don't want to be a part of this world anymore.
Me: You are a Genius!
C: ..Glad I could help!

Really, I would not even waste my time trying to explain to someone how I feel....let alone pay them to listen to me. That's why I come here and share my heart with you all. The secular world thinks expensive shrinks and drugs can solve everything. No doubt these things do help stabilize a lot of folks with various conditions. But truly, I tell you, I know EXACTLY what is wrong with me. It is not the blues, nor depression, nor PMS, nor a hormone imbalance, nor a rut. And working in an office full of non-believing women as they would it is not lack of a man ....I definitely DO NOT NEED that!!!!! But people want to put a label on whatever ails you figuring it can be cured or fixed. However, amongst many a Christian waiting so desperately for the Lord to sound the trump-- it can't be labeled, cured or fixed until the day of the Rapture.

I really hate the vomity emoticon. They use it a lot. Anyway, let's review what depression is:

Depression is a common mental disorder that presents with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration.

So, depressed mood- check. Loss of interest and/or pleasure- check. Feelings of guilt and/or low self-worth- these people specialize in that. I have no idea about the last few symptoms, but yes, Cocopea, you are depressed. I'm actually sincerely worried about this woman.

Let me put it this way: suppose I said that my life sucks and I hate everyone in it and everything about it, so I'm going to try to find a way into the world of Girl Genius. That world is awesome! I'll make hats for Jägerkin and life will be grand! I can't wait!

I imagine that you would be a tiny bit concerned about me. As in, "PF has become completely delusional, we really ought to do something before she hurts someone."

Well, you're obviously not a good Christian, because nobody, not one person, does the responsible thing and advises this poor woman to get help. They just laud her for being depressed, mostly because they're all depressed, too. Depression is not a virtue, people!

I have been feeling the same way , especially the last few weeks. The world just doesn't get it.
We who believe, who have been doing our best to let them know that Jesus is Lord, that the last days are upon us, and there is so much more for them than this uglier by the day world, are being laughed at more and more.
A sadness for the lost has settled in me. They just won't listen to how ugly it's gonna get. My body is weary, my soul is vexed with this world. It is a weariness that will not shake off....

Or depression. Or a thyroid problem. Or a vitamin deficiency. Seriously, see a damn doctor!

No, they don't. I feel like no one really gets it except for some here.

Bologna fleeing the slicer.

I could have written that word for fact I am sure I have somewhere on this board....

I did not realize this Sunday is!

Yes, I can't wait to see Jesus coming in the clouds...also I have a favorite song about that, "In the sky"....I see him coming in the sky!....Sometimes when I am driving and listening to that song...I feel like if I did see Jesus coming, I would get out of my car and stand up on the roof of it and just start pointing and shouting...I see him coming in the sky!

I can tell you, in the past I have spent a lot of time lonely because I did not have anyone. Or, I felt alone gathered around folks that had someone....or the loneliness of being a single parent, even lonely in church...etc. etc......Like many here, I've experienced a lot of loneliness and even physically being alone...yet, I could often still go out in the world and fit in.....but never ever ever in my life....have I felt so totally alone because of what I believe, think and feel, and how I try and live, and what I desire most in my heart and soul.

Now I'm just sad.

I've been waiting for someone to write this...I was afraid it would be erased or the thread would be deleted.....oh, boy I have been sooooo excited and then....for some reason the last couple days....... I have been totally depressed!!! I too agree on all the above. all day yesterday and last night I stayed in my bedroom away from my family just DEPRESSED. It's like it's NEVER going to get here...the rapture...when will our DREAMS COME TRUE???


know what I mean??? It's like when you want something to eat and you can't satisfy yourself with anything you try. You still have that craving!!! well that craving is really, really, really BAD!! and knawling at my stomach and in my head. it's like my body wants it soooo desparately!

The best I can say to satisfy my hunger is....




I just want to hug you! And slap the person who introduced you to this belief.


  1. What is bad is that board does not help, but justifies those depressed feelings even to some extent praises those depressed feelings. They have created a nice negative feed back loop there.

  2. Yeah. And these folks feel compelled to proselytize... "Come on, get saved - be just as miserable as I am!"

    That's not much of a sales pitch.

    If there is a God up there, I'd like a few words with him.

  3. (snicker) When I read about Jesus coming in the sky, all I could think was "cumulo-nimbus?"

  4. Does it speak terribly ill of me if I say that all I feel in reading that is some mild form of amusement? Yes, on a level, I appreciate the unfairness of the fact that their ridiculous beliefs may be in part responsible for their hivemind-like depression (or the fact that they’re depressed, period), and I certainly do resent the system that brought those beliefs upon them in the first place … but on the other hand, there’s almost no way I can read that sort of mindlessly delusional nonsense and not feel somewhat superior as a result. Or, at least, more sane.

    Yeah, I know … I'm an ass.

  5. when i was younger and first starting my trip through Hell, i had but ONE wish:
    i wanted to go to Xanth, the magical land that is where Florida [or Italy, Greece, or any similarly shaped ithmus] is, except if you know the real way, the MAGIC way, you end up in Xanth. and, once in Xanth, i would find a Healing Spring - and voilà, CURED.

    i was 9. and in constant screaming pain.

    what's their excuse?

    no, no, that was bitchy. but, daaaaaaaaaamn...

  6. I think it's clear that her religious beliefs aren't helping, but I question the idea that there's a causal relationship between them and her depression.

    Assuming she's clinically depressed (and it's a big assumption), I submit she'd be feeling like crap regardless of her beliefs about God...

  7. @Whateverman - I'm not sure PF is suggesting a causal relationship. Rather, I think she's saying that these beliefs are preventing/discouraging people from getting help for perfectly legitimate problems.

  8. All the emoticon things are scrambling my brain.

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