Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bad Fanfic Challenge Generator

Got a little time on your hands? How about enriching all our lives by writing really bad fan fiction? If you're not sure what to write about, head on over to the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator.

I can't decide between

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Murphy Brown and South Park. The story should use terrorism as a plot device!


Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Final Fantasy 8 and Samurai Pizza Cats. The story should use legalizing gay marriage as a plot device!

or possibly

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining the National Hockey League and Romeo & Juliet. The story should use oral sex as a plot device!


  1. I don't know. Some of these seem halfway reasonable. For example, the second suggestion I got was

    "Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Monsters Inc and Shrek. The story should use evil clones as a plot device!"

    And "Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Days of our Lives and Zorro. The story should use a zombie attack as a plot device!" sounds like a terrible idea but I'd be interested in reading it for sheer novelty (does there exist any Days of Our Lives fanfic?).

  2. the writing on the wall...

    you have FORFEIT your lives...

    for the idiot called *

    f*ck you very much!


    see, you degenerates have last names like first names...

    how about I believe in WHATEVER I want - even in the FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER! - and you have nothing to say!

    let me show you the end results of this particular *ONE-DIMENSIONAL SCIENTIFIC MODE*
    of thinking that is called *CRITICAL THINKING*, which is completely divorced from
    any human objectives...

    this style has been perfected by dawkins, pz, randi and the other *NEW ATHEISTS*
    THE BOOBQUAKE - 911!

    see how we take a term and convert it into its AUTHENTIC POLITICAL DIMENSION - THAT
    OF LIBERATION - not just merely harmless expression...


  3. you are going to learn that even to TALK about GOD the way you do is going to COST YOU YOUR LIVES...

  4. Your challenge is to write a crossover fic with Timecube guy and DM using Boobquake as a plot device .

    PF unable to login

  5. Yeah yeah, we know. Death without mercy, blah blah.

    It never happens, it never will.
    Your God is a lie.

  6. Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining the National Hockey League and Romeo & Juliet. The story should use oral sex as a plot device!

    He was a forward with flowing locks.

    He was a defenceman who stood 6'9"

    From two different teams, they pined for each other. In the heat of sweaty conflict of historic proportion, their love was forbidden - but love will always find a way!

  7. Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, there was a Jedi gone bad. His name was Darth Mabus. Or maybe it was Darth Markuze, hard to say. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah... So Darth Mabus thought that the Force was with him. The problem was that the Force was a quantum field comprised of quarks and gluons and Darth Mabus did not have a high enough Midi-chlorian level to sense this. In fact, he was very confused. But proper Jedis, wielding saber-like sharp words did battle with Darth Mabus. They sent him pretty pictures and Ray Charles songs on their blog. They felt the Force flow through them and the Force told them that it was really, really lame when someone would make the same post on a whole bunch of different blogs and that oftentimes Darth Mabus didn't even notice that the blogs he was posting on didn't even have anything to do with Atheism or Gay Rights. No, it appeared that Darth Mabus was highly inattentive to detail. And mighty afeared of Spaghetti.

    "Sad he is. And mocked he will be. Lack of originality he has. Repetitive he is."

    "You mean Darth Mabus? Yes, Master Yoda, I agree with you. Very sad. Can I have the purple light saber? Purdy please?"

    "Purple you will have. Attentive you are. The same post he makes, again and again and again."

    to be continued....


  9. Must... not... go on... bad fanfiction... spree...



    Dennis unsheathed his 12 foot long samurai sword and swished his bishounen hair out of his face as he stared at the dark creature before him. His topaz eyes glittered and his muscles rippled as he filled with righteous rage. His team members wondered how someone with such long girlie hair (like the sort you see in shampoo advertisments), could possibly be so indisputably manly. Suddenly they realised: Dennis was a Marty Stu!
    What? No he's not! said the author. Behind him, the female characters who had been staring at Dennis with adoring eyes came to their senses and left in disgust.
    "Err, yes he is," replied one of the male secondary characters. "I mean, topaz eyes? Seriously? And do you have any idea how implausible a 12ft lond sword is?"
    It's anime. Long swords are allowed. And look, Dennis has flaws! He's... umm... got low self-esteem! And he's only the second most popular kid at school, because nobody understands him! In the background, Dennis suddenly became a whiney emo kid.
    "You're not helping your case."
    Wait a second, you're not one of my characters! said the author. Who are you and what are you doing in my fanfic?
    "I'm the voice of your conscience, and I'm telling you he's a Matry Stu. Search your feelings, you know it to be true," said the secondary character.
    Noooooooo! screamed the author. Star Wars references! My one weakness! How did you knooooowwwww...
    And with that he melted into an evil badfic-author goo, in as fine an example of Deus Ex Machina as you ever will read.
    "Hang on a second," said one of the other secondary characters, rubbing the back of his neck in puzzlement. "Logically speaking, if you just killed the author, doesn't that mean-"
    THE END.

  10. Bad fanfic challenge? How about Splatoon crossing over to Warhammer 4000. :P


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