Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle . . .

. . . rules the world*.

I've been seeing that a lot recently, especially from people arguing that women shouldn't vote, women should have no control over their bodies, women shouldn't have the option to work, women shouldn't receive higher educations, basically the "let's party like it's 1199" crowd.

Their reasoning is simple: you don't need to control your body or participate in democracy or earn money or even know things, honey, you'll have sons and by raising them, you will change the world. Very likely after your are dead, and considering that you are raising them to believe that women are uteruses with cooking skills, it won't be to your benefit, but power! You has it! I swear!

What, the sex of the baby is controlled by the father and you might never have sons? You can't have children? You don't want to have children? Look, the patriarchy isn't about options, now shut up and obey the men like a good little girl.

The hand that rocks the cradle and doesn't vote rules nothing. It is not a position of power, it is a position of servitude. It is the same power from servitude Christianity offers us: sit back and take it and in the next life, you'll get it all. Of course, if there is no next life, you get royally screwed, but I guess you'll never know the difference because you'll be dead.

That's right, the silver lining to both these philosophies is "Eh, you'll die eventually."

Fuck the meek, I'm taking my power right now, thankyouverymuch.

*That quote comes from a poem by William Ross Wallace. Full text here.


  1. PROUD of not voting???

    look, women FOUGHT and BLED and were TORTURED and *DIED* for the right to vote - and you're not going to bcuz you think "i'm a woman, i menstrate, therefore i'm CRRRRAAAAAAAAAZY and can't be "trusted" to "vote properly"?!?!!?

    look around, Crazy Submissive Wife and Mother - MEN have been ruling the world for ALL OF HISTORY - and then LOOK AT THE FUCKING WORLD!!!

    it's INSANE. and most of what's "wrong" is WRONG because Rich Powerful Dudes want to *BE* Rich Powerful Dudes and DON'T CARE what happens to anyone else so long as they can get theirs! they DESTROY peoples and countries FOR MONEY AND POWER!!!

    since women have been able to vote, things have BECOME BETTER, over all, for people in those countries where women vote!

  2. 'Member when we found that blog written by the teenage (female!) who argued that women should never have gotten the vote because why should they need to vote if their husbands can vote and they ought to be led in all things by their husbands?

    Yeah, my brain still itches when I remember that thing.


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