Friday, November 5, 2010

Revealing Your Own Privilege

You may not be aware of it, but every time you make a (generally unasked for) suggestion to someone, you may be privileging all over that person. Thankfully, I have made a quick guide of privilege-revealing phrases for your review.

"You can get that way cheaper if you just drive up to Walmart/the Farmer's Market/the Flea Market/the Consignment Shop and get . . . "

Wow. That would be awesome, if I had a car. You got time tomorrow to cart me all over?

"You can get that on ebay for way less."

Neato, but not everyone has internet access.

"You're buying prepaid VISA cards to buy things online? That's such a rip, just use your PayPal/debit card."

Wow. That would be awesome, if I had a bank account. Which I can't have because of things like garnishment.

"Allergies? Just buy hypoallergenic soap and laundry detergent."

Twice as expensive and hard to find.

"Just make your own bread and make lentil stew. It's healthier and cheaper."

How much time do you think I have on my hands? And that's assuming I have access to the ingredients (move into a poor neighborhood, then check out the grocery options within walking distance) and the materials needed to do such a thing.

That's the short list, btw, of the privilege spewed on the heads of the poor every day. If those things come out of your mouth, either shut up or give up your car, your job, your bank account and your good credit and come live with us. You might even learn something.


  1. does the first count if i say "You can get that cheaper at X, and i could take you, i need to get Y myself"?
    the ONLY time i've EVER said it, BTW.

    the rest? hell, even the 1st...
    *WHY* do people do this? my current fav stupidity on this one? my mom, telling me over and over and over, that i "should hire someone to help me [get dressed and such]".
    then i say "with what money?"
    "your insurance-" "DOES NOT pay for such things"
    "get better insurance!"
    "with what money?"

    yeah :(

  2. An excellent eye-opener. It's also true that just eating a banana is a privilege.

  3. This is all about Yep. Thank you for posting!


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