Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm Thankful for . . .

Not being a turkey.

No, I'm not getting all militant vegetarian on you. As a child, it really used to bother me that everybody was supposed to be thankful while turkeys clearly had nothing to be thankful about. Meh, I guess that's pretty much America in holiday form.


  1. Turkeys can be thankful they aren't the dodo.

  2. They're beautiful birds. If you can eat wild caught, so that they at least had a reasonable life, it's a good option.

  3. Last year, I saw wild turkeys scurrying across the road in Pennsylvania. This year, I'm thankful that 3.8 billion years of ancestors took care of their children well enough that they survived.

    cheers from thankful Vienna, zilch

  4. Down here we have the Bush Turkey, which kind-of looks like a cross between a vulture, a crow and a chook. They're often found hanging around campsites.

    They're also 7 foot tall, they eat humans, they hunt in packs, and they've learned to open doors...

  5. I have never seen a turkey before. They're quite pretty aren't they?

  6. i think today, the REAL purpose of "Thanksgiving" is REALLY the day AFTER.

    i HATE Black Friday. so does Pete, who's the manager of a store in a mall. poor Pete had to work 4am-midnight:30 [because the mall opened at 5am and closed at midnight]
    and EVERY. SINGLE. CUSTOMER. was pissed that Pete's store wasn't having a special sale...


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