Thursday, November 11, 2010

We the Stupid, of the Stupid and for the Stupid

Well, I've heard it all now. Apparently, people have decided that today's google doodle, in celebration of the US's Veteran's Day, is secretly a celebration of Islam.

Tweets via Twitter have included a broad range of hostile opinions about 'Old Glory' appearing with the shadow of a stylized Islamic crescent moon--especially on Veterans Day. The Google doodle is definitely stirring up fears of fanning the flames of anti-Islamic sentiments in America. Was that what Google intended?

Reactions on Twitter have ranged from shock to disappointment at Google's choice of doodle designs for Veterans Day.

LaughTech on Twitter enlarged the logo and set its caption as "Google says, 'Happy Veterans Day, Islam'".

That's just stoopid. Head deskingly, face palmingly stoopid. I have discussed some nuclear grade stoopid here before, but this is the epitome of stoopid.

I'm so proud of my country.


  1. Looks like w*'ll hav* to chang* the alphab*t to abcdgh.... Bett*r g*t rid of that chris*ian l****r b**w**n s and u, *oo.

  2. And serif fonts? What language do you think "serif" comes from, huh?

  3. ...........

    what the fuck is WRONG with people?

  4. Oh, I think Sans Serif was Osama's #2 in command. They called him "Chemical Serif."


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