Friday, November 26, 2010

There's Going to a Remarkable and Entirely Coincidental Dropoff in Quality Soon

Fantasies. I have them.

That's right. I'm working Black Friday. No reason, just cause.

That's right, I'm working Black Friday until 1pm, even though we were told noon on Wednesday, and I set up my day for leaving at noon. No reason, just cause.

I just got a memo. Our sick days are being cut from 4 to 2. There is a reason for that. As meanboss so eloquently put it, the economy sucks, we have no other options, so he can do whatever the fuck he wants. No reason, just cause.

I predict a remarkable, and entirely coincidental, dropoff in the quality of work around here. No, reason, just cause.


  1. Your meanboss. I want to make him live as one of his employees for two months. Just two.

  2. Ughh don't you love that. We don't get free eye tests anymore because of 'ze economy'.

  3. oh, the economy! people are running thru the mall, pissed that some of the stores aren't having sales. Pete's a manager of one of those stores. a customer DEMANDED to know why there wasn't a sale [he literally said "I DEMAND to know..."]. Pete said "the economy. we barely break even on sales as it is"
    the man replied "well, the economy sucks, so i can't afford this without a sale! you have to put it on sale because of the economy!"
    Pete gave him the number to corporate and told him to call it. the guy CALLED THE COPS because [he said] Pete was "ripping him off"

    [needless to say, the cops laughed their asses off... because they haven't gotten any raises in a couple of years, themselves...]


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