Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Do People Believe In God (in Their Words)

Oh, my. I am so embarrassed for some people.

I believed in God because I was raised to. My parents took me to church for the first time 12 days after I was born. (Christmas mass.) Once I started actually thinking about it for myself, a process that began in the first grade, I eventually came to the conclusion that I did not, in fact, believe in any god of any kind.

So, I am always very interested in why others believe, although generally it's because they were raised to believe, as well. (I'm talking about base belief, not switching from one religion to another, or switching from one sect to another within the same religion.)

Honestly, these reasons for believing are mind boggling in their lol wut?ness.

Tonight at my Bible study I asked this question to everyone, why do you believe in God? I thought I would ask the same question on RR.

Someone said " Do you believe in you wife? You do because you got to know her, it's the same with Jesus"

I assume by "wife" you mean "actual living person you can actually meet", not "invisible friend", right? You do see a difference between the two, right, because if not, I'm just going to assume there is no wife.

Life and the incredible design and genetic programming within living things is way too complex. There had to be an incredible being who designed and created what we see even though it is a world marred by sin. For atheists to think that random processes, time and chance could create anything is just fairy tale thinking and of course it is passed off as science.

Of course if you can think straight thus far, the next step would be to meet that creator in His revelation, found in the KJV for English speaking people.

Thank you.
Sherlock Holmes

Um, wut? The first paragraph is an appeal to irreducible complexity, not actually proof, but what is the second and why did Mr. Holmes show up?

Because the evidence of his existence is simply too compelling to leave any other answer but a resounding "YES!" Creation has his marks and "signature" all over it, his word, the Bible has been proven time and again as accurate and true...

Not to mention no one can explain the re-emergence of Israel in their own land with their own culture and language after 1400 years, unless He exists.

Irreducible complexity and . . . the Jews? Because no one has ever maintained a culture for that long before, you know, other than the Chinese, or Indians or aborigines on various continents, you know, other than that.

I have been made into a completely new person gradualy over the last 7 years since I acepted Christ. I feel Him so strongly it just feels like I am wrapped in His heart. I cant describe it. So I know Jesus is real. Also when I read His Word I feel so very connected like His Word is alive. I was created for Him and I rest safely now thanks to Him!

So, you didn't believe in God until 7 years after you believed in God? Even allowing for that stunning abuse of logic, I've changed in the last 7 years, too. Has anyone not?

Because He says so in His Word....and it is by faith.

I believe in God because the Bible says so. I believe in the Bible because God says so and round and round in circles we go, we die not of death, we die of vertigo.

Because He lives inside of me and that's how I know He's real.

You know, like tapeworms.

This is the same with me. Since I was very little, as far back as I could remember I always believed there was a God. I don't know how I knew it, I just did. My Grandmother was saved and she would talk to me about God and I guess I just believed everything she said, but I don't remember ever not believing in Him. Hmmm......

Wow, it's almost like I've never really thought about it, hmmmm . . . .

Because I can feel Him. Because His prophesies have come true. Because nature is systemized. Because He rose from the dead and had a lot of witnesses. Because believing in Him is just plain common sense. You just know. Because prayer has changed me. It's one of those things. You just know. I have questioned it because I used to over analyze. One can analyze their own self out of existence. The wake up call for me was literally seeing the flip side of Him. That is those of the under world and I don't believe I'm crazy in that respect. Seeing is believing. And oh ya, you just know.

I just know. And I've seen demons. Ya know.

I completely echo what onceblind said. I believe in anyone I have had a conversation with. Not just a monologue. If God didn't answer back, it would be difficult for me to believe. But, we have had a dialogue. I have spoken to Him and He has spoken back. That's why I believe. I heard His voice stronger than ever on April 14, 2005. I had prayed about two young ladies I was attracted to. I asked God which one He wanted me to have a relationship with--to ultimately be with until death. I asked Him that on April 10. Four days later I received an answer. God had spoken Heather's name to me, and that was it. Two years later, we got married. That's just one example out of many. That's why I believe.

Auditory hallucinations: changing lives since April 14, 2005.

Same for me pretty much, I was raised with a Christian background so there was never really a time in my life when I did not believe in God in some way, but understanding the complexity of our world and how accurately the Bible describes science related matters that were not discovered by the modern sience until recently really made my faith strong. Biblical prophecy as well, one has to have an extremely hardened heart not to acknowledge how amazing it is and that it had to come from outside of our space and time.

Scientific marvels like four legged bugs and bats being birds. Astounding! Not to mention all the biblical prophecy that has not come true and never will.

So . . . people believe just because, because they're parents did, because of circular logic, a lack of understanding of science and because they haven't actually read the Bible. Interesting.


  1. Charmingly acerbic comments aside, people believe in God for two main reasons. As noted, most people were either raised to believe or otherwise were inculcated at some point in their lives to take up the bible, Koran, whatever. The more interesting reason, to me anyway, is that the makeup of the human animal has set us up to seek/create/find religious systems. It is the combination of our intelligence with our self-aware capacity that leads man to believe. Our self-awareness being an unanswerable phenomenon, it leads to many philosophical questions. Our intelligence then creates religions and other systems in an attempt to answer these questions. In pre-civilized times, men simply deified natural phenomena whose mechanics they did not understand. With the advent of agriculture, some men were left free to discover the secrets of the universe, and with these discoveries the old beliefs were scrubbed. This lead to the natural transition from the deification of natural phenomena to the deification of those at the reigns of the control of natural phenomena- ourselves. Through the notion of prophets, certain men were found to be in touch with God, were hence able to establish a direct link to God which enabled man's eventual apotheosis. The rest is history, men forever warring over which god will promise the ineluctable elevation of men to divinity. Or not.

  2. I can summarize all those RR responses in two words: "Because! Duh..."

  3. "I feel Him so strongly it just feels like I am wrapped in His heart"

    "Because He lives inside of me and that's how I know He's real."

    Another explanation- Some people just need to get laid?

  4. Another explanation- Some people just need to get laid?

    Nah. I'm still doing a terrible job of getting laid but I have no urge to go back to church.

    I mean, the fact that there's a really good women-to-men ratio at your average church and that incidence of sexual activity is statistically indistinguishable between unmarried religious and unmarried non-religious folks occasionally makes me think, "Maybe I should do the church thing again..." But that just seems like a lot of work for little potential payoff.

  5. richard dawkins does not exist...






  6. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_prizes_for_evidence_of_the_paranormal






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