Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Real Meaning of Christmas- From an Agnostic, Possibly Deist

Teh Hubby (the agnostic, possibly deist) and I gave our 11 year old niece the perfect gift for a girl her age: a (tiny) shopping spree at Justice. (It's the place for tweens to shop. Accordingly, it is insanely expensive.) We agreed to take her to Justice and let her pick out one outfit- bottom, top, accessory- without having to worry about price.

We did this Sunday, during the Eagles-Giants game. Yes, that game. We left when the Eagles were down by 21 (I think). My niece had been bugging us all day, unable to be patient, so we decided to stop watching the massacre and get her present out of the way. We spent a delightful hour shopping and then got into the car and turned on the radio just as the Eagles won the game on the most amazing play of all time.

Yup, we diehard Eagles fans missed the best Eagles game that will happen during our lifetime. Teh Hubby turned off the radio and sat facing forward, turning purple and vibrating slightly. My niece says, very quietly, "I'm sorry Uncle [blank]. I'm sorry I made you miss your game."

At which point he turns around, plasters a smile on his alarmingly purple face, and says, "It's okay. I'd rather make you happy," and then turns back around before he loses his fake smile.

I've never seen my niece more radiant. That's Christmas. Probably arterial damage as well, but Christmas.

[edited for clarity]


  1. I LOLed. Fortunately almost nobody else is here at work with me today.

  2. oooooooooh

    i don't get footbsll, but i floow the idea.

    know anyone who TiVO'd it? would that help?


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