Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where Have All the Ladies Gone?

I do enjoy a good screed in the style of Ladies Against Feminism, and Modesty Is Next to Beauty has given me an early Christmas present.

Where have all the ladies gone? into our local grocery stores, onto the construction sites, into our police cars and into burning houses.

Amusingly, I would assume the good godly women would be in their grocery stores. After all, who's buying the food in our traditionalist marriage? I find it terribly amusing that she seems to think that female grocery store cashiers are some sort of feminist dream.

"[I]nto burning houses", btw, refers to female firefighters, not to women with curious hobbies or serious suicidal urges. That took me a minute.

behind our pulpits. . . .

Spreading across our nation and world like a deadly flu.

This implies two very unfortunate things. (1) That the author, Katie, believes that prior to the 1960s women were kept in compounds and then were released by Gloria Steinem, and that (2) women and viruses that kill millions have something in common. Yeah.

Taking authority into hands and leaving biblical womanhood behind.

Into whose hands, Katie? I wouldn't be so concerned, but I suspect you are or will be homeschooling children. Do try to learn English, okay?

What a sad day we live in,


where a woman would rather go out and fight a war or arrest somebody, build a house or preach

dreams, you need a penis to fulfill them.

(Note to readers this does not mean spreading the gospel which is right for ALL to do, this means preaching behind a pulpit.) then to have children and take care of them, and her husband, but does she take care of her husband? certainly not. Women of today have taken a height role of authority, fighting wars and preaching.

"Height" is not the word you are looking for. Katie, seriously, you are killing me here. Look, I don't know too many women who choose not to have children, nor do I know too many who don't care for their children. Our husbands, being adults, can take care of themselves. And help with the children, while they're at it.

A fine job of such, leaving thoughts of children in the dust, off to business like jobs, I feel in my opinion, that you can have a career, it's called raising children! a fine career that is!

Oh. I think maybe this was supposed to be poetry. Um, well, nope. Not poetry. Maybe . . . no, not even if I squint. Also, do you mean "business-like jobs"? I have no idea. Also, I support the right of women to raise children as their primary work. If they want to. And if they don't, well, dreams really don't require a penis to fulfill, as it turns out.

But of course, for some women, and notice I use the word women, because I feel that these females that go out and work do not have the title of "Lady" For some women that would be the end of life, a waste. . . . Some ladies feel differently. Being a wife and homemaker would bring no greater joy to me (Job wise.)

Well, if we're using "lady" as a title, you don't deserve it, either. No one in the US does. We don't have nobility. Why do you hate America? Look, I'm glad that you enjoy your life. That's nice. I'm not you. That doesn't make you better than me, it just makes us different. What is it with some people that everyone has to be exactly like them or they just can't be happy.

But women have it in their little heads that women have to make something of themselves in life, and being a housewife is not.

"Little heads"? Really? As if I am a child and don't know what I want a want and what makes me happy and what doesn't? Maybe your head is little, Katie, but mine isn't.

Sadly enough the title "Mr Mom" is used frequently in today's society. While the woman goes out and works the husband would stay home and care for the children, clearly in that situation the woman would be "Wearing the Pants"

Yes, the only way women can have power is to take it from men. Feminism is not a zero sum game. Men don't automatically lose when women win. We can all win. (If the only way for men to win is for women to lose, what exactly does that say about men, anyway? It's not feminists who hate men.) And plenty of men like being stay at home dads. That's what we call them, btw.

Curiously, this ends with a description of the Virtuous Woman (not "lady") from Proverbs. She worked. Color me confused.


  1. My cranium is rather large. I can't wear lots of cute hats because of it. Cloche hats, for example. Can't wear 'em. Anything with a rigid circumference, really. I guess I'm not a lady. Sad faces forever.

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  3. I'm sorry, I was trying to read along, but I simply can't get past Katie's ongoing abuse of the English* language. As a general rule, each noteworthy error in spelling, grammar, or word usage deducts about five points from my impression of the writer's intelligence... and in this case, we're actually into negative numbers.

    Also... Katie probably objects to the fact that my wife actually has a career, albeit part-time (since we're raising two young boys). But if Katie wants to tell me that the world would be better if my wife were more like her, she can kiss my... contemptuous insouciance.

    * By the way, if you type something when you're really drunk, are you writing in Englush?


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