Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter: I Hates It!

It's not just the cold. (It was 17˚F, -8.3˚C, when I left the house this morning. And the wind!) It's not just the fact that it's dark when I wake up at 6:15 and dark again by 4:30, though that is certainly contributing to my seasonal woes.

It's the dry, dry, dry air. My house isn't too bad because the heat is provided by hot water running through pipes, but at work, on the bus, at the store the air is so dry my skin feels like it's mummifying on my body, my eyes feel gritty and I keep getting nose bleeds.

It's the complete lack of affordable, fresh vegetables, which make up a sizable portion of my diet when available. Frozen vegetables are better than canned, but it's not the same as fresh.

It's the 6 layers of clothing I'm wearing at all times. It takes 5 minutes to put everything on to leave the house, and 5 minutes to take it back off. I'm sleeping under 8 blankets. I'm still not warm.

I can't go anywhere. On nice days, I spend lunch away from the office, walking somewhere, anywhere. It's nice to get away and mild activity is good for me. A couple of weeks into the bad weather, and my hips are starting to freeze up and I'm constantly tense.

I fucking hate winter, and it's just started. Who wants to fund my escape to Costa Rica?


  1. I hate it too. What you said. Every word.

  2. Come to NZ. It's pretty nice here this time of year. I feel your pain though - Winter is horrible. It's really windy where I live and I feel so miserable catching the bus every day in the freezing cold.

  3. another good video


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