Saturday, December 25, 2010

Red Christmas Frying Pans

All I want for Christmas is a very slow hug . . .

Hi! It's Christmas, so I wanted to share with the world what makes me happiest. Sloths.

Well, sloths and my friends. I love you and I am very grateful to know you. I can't tell you how much you mean to me, how much I look forward to your emails and phone calls, to your stories and frustrations and triumphs and complaints. I am very lucky, and it's you that makes me that way.

I hope you are having a good day, but even if you aren't remember one thing: 2010 kicked our collective asses, but 2011 is ours, if we have to beat it into submission with stylish red frying pans. Hear that, universe? Ours! And frying pans! And they're red!


  1. Sending a buncha hugs! Merry QFmas and yeah, that Frying Pan de Nymphe had best be ready to go...

  2. I want a sloth with a slow hand
    A folivore with an easy touch
    I want a mammal who will spend some time ...

  3. Merry quite contrary±

    cheers from

  4. i've never been happier that all my cookware is red! hooray!


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