Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where, Exactly, Is the War on Christmas Being Waged?

I finally did my Christmas shopping last night (I depend upon my bonus for that, and we don't get it until the week before Christmas) and while I fought the crazed crowds for the last zebra print Snuggy, I looked for evidence of this famous War on Christmas. I live in a liberal, Democratic, college town of approximately 200,000, not that far from New York City. If ever there were a place for godless atheists to make their mark in the War on Christmas, where I live is it.

I found no evidence of any such war. None. At all.

The county buses all flash "Merry Christmas!". I went to five stores, and all the cashiers wished me a Merry Christmas. Christmas music was playing at every store. Christmas decorations abounded. This morning's bus driver wished me a Merry Christmas.

So, where, exactly, is the War on Christmas being waged?


  1. In the hearts and minds of dipshits everywhere.

  2. They held a war and nobody came?

  3. no fair, Geds stole what i was going to say!

    well, i was gonna say "morons" not dipshits, but still!


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