Sunday, December 19, 2010

This Is Why I'm Not on Facebook

Actually, going by the word "dikerd" (which I cannot at all figure out, despite spending several minutes attempting to pronounce it out loud), I think Sophia will be majoring in Afrikaans.


  1. Hey, hey, that's not funny: Some of my best cousins understand Afrikaans.
    Strangely, I've never had this issue with Facebook, although I have been insulted by a prolife libertarian who knows someone who knows one of my friends. And sent ultrasounds of his unborn grandson. Yeah, Facebook can be frankly terrifying.

  2. Also: Indiscernible Germanic languages would cover Afrikaans. Pedantry, huzzah!

  3. actually - i think dikard IS dutch/africaans word. at least, if it's pronounced the way i think it is, i've heard it used by a man who's first languange was Africaans and second was Dutch, English was his 5th? 6th? [some people make me feel like shit - i can barely get a B in GERMAN, the easiest language for English speakers to learn - i have some sort of issue, even when i KNOW WHAT THE PERSON IS SAYING, if it's in another language, i can't even follow WORDS I KNOW in that language... *sob* - i'll never be able to really learn another language, and i keep trying - spanish, italian, russian, arabic.............]

  4. I assumed, going by the appalling spelling of the rest of it, that it was a mangling of the word 'dickhead'...


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