Friday, December 18, 2009


The problem with working for banks is that certain business has to be concluded before the end of the year. So, every December, a few days before Christmas, bank vice presidents look at their calendars and say, "ZOMG- it's like 8 business days til the end of the year! This, all of this that has sat on my desk for months and months must be done now! Right NOW!"

And now it's my problem.

I leave you to ponder this:

That might actually make a 6,000 year old universe make sense.


  1. Being in the middle of a similar situation with my company (what do you mean you haven't billed all of this. You need this stuff out in one week. Hah!) I really needed that laugh! Thank you PF!!

  2. Much the same at my firm but I'm taking my two weeks anyway, let 'em manage without me. Happy Holidays, PF!


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