Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Saul Williams FTW!

If you're going to follow anyone on Twitter, it should be Saul Williams. He will blow your mind. At least once a week. He will read books to you. He tweets in a combination of iambic pentameter and hiphop that makes me hopeful for the future of the human race.

Saul Williams: LUFF HIM!

Yesterday, I get this, and now I luff him even more:

If Christ believed we were born in sin he wouldn't have used children as examples of what we should become.

I actually forgot to breathe for a minute. Seriously, I've been trying to say this for years, and Mr. Williams casually types that out in 140 characters or less. I'm not sure whether to dance with glee or hang up my blogging boots in shame.


  1. Go with dancing, because maybe now more people will get it.

  2. Plus, it is Saul Williams and he can dance. Fuck Flatly, Williams is the Lord of the Dance.

  3. Call me stupid, but I don’t get his meaning with that quote. =( I know, probably shameful on my part.

  4. Jesus speaks a couple of time about how we should be as children before the Lord, referencing the innocence of children.

    However, if we are born in sin and only cleansed by belief in Jesus, that makes no sense, because children aren't intellectually capable of that, and would be just as sinful as the rest of us, perhaps more so. So, either Jesus lied or somebody else did.

  5. Ah. Now I get it. Indeed, that does sound rather illogical, to say the least.


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