Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Little Bright

So far, I've got the lights on the porch (and deer!) and the tree up. Technically, there is a Decoration Nonproliferation Agreement in affect at my house, but within two weeks, there will be ornaments dangling from the ceilings.

I have no idea how they will get there.


  1. Purty! :D

    We'd have a tree up by now, too, but the high winds on the Richmond Bridge had other ideas, and the damn thing flew off the top of our car. So next payday, I guess.

  2. « within two weeks, there will be ornaments dangling from the ceilings.

    I have no idea how they will get there.

    I’d suggest freshly-chewed gum and a bendy ruler. Or slingshot.

    (Not to be a mother, but those lights, pretty as they may be, aren’t too hot, I hope?)

  3. That tree is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. So pretty! We keep our tree up all year round. The looks you get from people are priceless.

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