Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No, Actually, I Don't Love This Guy

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Blackandgoldfan assures me that I just have to love Bill Balsamico, owner of the Casa D'Ice and creator of the above sign.

I mean, wow! That sign not only inspired me to spend lots of money at the Ice House, but I also converted to Hinduism! Praise Vishnu! (That was the point, right?)

Let's make the sign really funny and replace "atheists"- who generally celebrate Christmas, you douche canoe- with "Jews" and "blacks". Wouldn't you just laugh yourself silly if you passed a sign that said "Screw the Jews"?

Bill, two things. "Hows", as the contraction for "how is" needs an apostrophe. Oh, and fuck you.


  1. Bagf's responce to you on their blog was shameful: twice deliberately implying that blatent and extreme sarcasm was meant seriously despite being corrected on their misrepresentation. I posted words to that effect, as well as my hypocritical litmus test: replace "Atheists" with "Christians". If they find it offensive, they're hypocrites.

    And then I wished them a Merry Christmas [evil giggle].

  2. And it appears I have been censored (two comments from others have appeared, but mine has not). Funny, in a not-funny kind of way, coming from someone claiming Free Speech as their defense.

  3. Quality pf - not only did you manage to piss him off enough to ban you he got his knickers so far up his arse he even wrote a whole new blog post detailing your politically correct 'crime'.

    What a sad litle assmonkey he is.

  4. Um wow. Encouraging people to drown themselves? They sound very stable don't they?

    And what's with all the Santa crap then? If Christmas is all about 'the son of God' then shouldn't he have pictures of Jesus everywhere?

    I'm pretty sure Santa doesn't feature in the bible.

  5. Um wow. Encouraging people to drown themselves? They sound very stable don't they?

    No, no they really don't, do they.

    The conversation in question:

    Don't they have better things to do, like drown kittens or something."

    [Holding kitten guiltily] ... Who me?

    Merry Christmas to you too. I'll hold off on the kitten drowning until the new year, okay?

    Besides being nit wits....the fine art of sarcasm is also lost on them.! If they want to take things literally, DROWN YOURSELVES!

    Sarcasm is a form of humour in which an opinion that contradicts the expressors actual opinion is expressed in a derogative manner, often by taking the opposing opinion to a logical conclusion. For example:

    If someone who disapproves of racial slurs insists that a racial slur would be hilarious in responce to another who believes that a religous slur is amusing, said person is being sarcastic.

    However, if someone who is known to have a very low opinion of liberals expresses the opinion that they routinely drown kittens, they are not being sarcastic. They are simply misrepresenting liberals.

    Another example: if I, of the opinion that drowning is bad and knowing you to agree, was to say: "Oh okay, I'll get right on that. In fact, we all will! How about we send you the photos, I'm sure you'd get a good laugh out of them!" then that would be sarcasm.

    If I was, however, to respond with "Oh don't you conservatives have something better to do, like going out and encouraging people to commit suicide?" then that would not be sarcasm. That would be misrepresenting the position of the conservative party.

    Well... maybe not yours.

    And what's with all the Santa crap then? If Christmas is all about 'the son of God' then shouldn't he have pictures of Jesus everywhere?

    "Do they realize Santa isn't a secular thing? I mean, Santa arose from the story of SAINT Nicholas, who was far from secular" - Blackandgoldfan. No, seriously, she did.

  6. I have no idea what you're talking about James.

    To clarify: my position is this - That blackandgoldfan dude is a crazy fuckbag.


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