Sunday, December 13, 2009

It Ar Mai Birfday!


  1. Happy birthday! Mine was yesterday!

  2. So, yeah, the Pretty Blue has once again completed its 365.25-day journey across the solar system around the Sun. Didn’t think it would make it this year, but dangit, if it wasn’t the little planet that could.* (And in only 16 days, it’ll be mai tern. =))

    Merry Day of Being Born, O Cranky Overlord of (Forever in )Hell. May many gifts be bestowed down ’pon thee.

    *Yeah, I totally stole that from House.

  3. Hippo Hippo Bird Day to Ewe! (That's "Happy Birthday" in German).

  4. Happy Birthday, PF - many happy returns!

  5. This is my favorite LOLcat. With the possible exception of "Day I Got Cookie," but this one makes me guffaw every time.


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