Monday, December 7, 2009

I Suggest Another Strategy

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So, after having snuck into the Rapture Ready message boards under a semiassumed name*, I quite literally depressed the fuck right out of myself by reading all 172 pages of prayer requests.** Well, I didn't read every single one, I just read 172 pages of titles of prayer requests, which was quite enough for me. Any deeper reading would have required a fifth of vodka and a very sharp knife.

What do fundys pray or request prayer for? Husbands that leave and wives that cheat; children that flunk, get pregnant and do drugs; lost jobs, late unemployment checks, electric shutoffs; children with cancer, spouses with addictions and dying family members of every description.

In other words, all the problems, catastrophes and dramas anyone else deals with. Pages and pages and pages and pages of problems that don't solve themselves, catastrophes that plague believer and nonbeliever alike and dramas that make watching soap operas completely unnecessary.

My question is, how much pain and sorrow do you need to see splashed all over the internet before you realize that god does not protect his own, not one bit, not at all? My question is, how many prayers do you need to pray before you realize that you may as well be begging my desk for help?

*I could reasonably use this name, sort of, if it were typical of people to use their grandmother's maiden name as a surname.

**Members only.

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