Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Fundy Bubble

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The title of this post on Rapture Ready's message board caught my eye for obvious reasons: Atheist Neighborhood. I mean, where is it? I want to move there!

What the poster actually meant was "atheist neighbor", which I already am.

There is women who lives on my street for several years. She is very introvent either she's shy, or she vents internally, i'm not sure which, intelligent and kinda pretty for her age if anyone ever says that about me, there will be blood. in my opinion. She lives by herself with her animals. cat lady?

We used to not speak to each other much but we sorta became friends while I was voluntering for toys-for-tots and she was voluntering to.
sigh. "while we were volunteering for Toys for Tots". She is the only women around here who is my age and not married or divorced with children. She doesn't seem bitter about it all. She is actually pretty content and happy. i'm guessing the poster is not.

She's been all over the world, has read nearly a thousand books and rides a motorcycle!
i really want to meet this woman! I loved listening to her talk it was so refreshing to talk to another women wothout it being about babies or husbands.

We do differ in politics. She is extremely liberal boarding
she's either renting to socialist or is seriously left wing. socialist through she denies it. She dislikes Obama because "He's to conservative" <-- the smilies on RR will make your eyes bleed after a while.

Yesterday, I was asked her what church she went to. She started getting shifty and nervous.
as if she stole something? She said she didn't go to church so I invited her to mine. She said "no Thank you" and tried to change the subject.

I kept pressing her until finally she told me

"I'm an atheist" I was in shock. I never met an atheist in real life before.

here's the fundy bubble. the only way you never met an atheist is if you live in the fundy bubble, a place populated by women and children wherein the only people you ever meet are your family and members of your church. otherwise, you've met an atheist. we're not yetis.

We got into a hudge argument probably why she got all shifty and nervous and then I asked her "To prove there was no God" because you totally have a right to demand that of acquaintances.

She answered back "Okey will look at the method you used to prove that Zeus and Thor aren't real and will start from there" I HAVE to meet this woman!

This made me more upset and angry she ended up leaving.
i wonder why. I am very upset right now. How can I prove the truth to her presumably not by starting huge arguments over things that aren't your business anyway. this is exactly why i lie when asked questions like this in real life.

ah, the life of an atheist. lie or accept being screamed at when you tell the truth. i love it.


  1. This person has serious issues. She has a casual, friendly acquaintance who she enjoys talking to. She already recognizes that the woman has different interests, and has radically different political views. All that is apparently ok. But finding out that she is an atheist is just so disturbing. It's like meeting an alien!

    Your title is a good one. It is like she's walking around in a bubble.

  2. Oy, vat an idiot, zat one. To have a perfectly pleasant neighbor like that and start attacking her beliefs for no reason at all. Sheesh. What makes this even more pathetic is how most fundies are really just like that: so gung-ho over evangelism and the wrongness about atheism that they’ll drag perfect strangers into screeching diatribes just to try and prove their imaginary deity to them. Urgh.

    There is a third choice, though (the one I use). Rather than A) lie about not being an atheist when asked or B) get into annoying arguments if you do, just go with C) and tell them something to the likes of, “Yeah, I’m an atheist. I’m also smart enough to know I don’t wanna talk about it with a douche like you, so fuck off and leave me alone.” (Note: you may modify this wording depending on the situation, or if the person asking is really annoying or just benignly curious, but you get the idea.) Just make it very clear that you believe what you believe and that you don’t give the slightest stinkin’ shit about how they might feel about it.

  3. … the point being for them to get the clue and slouch off, of course.

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  5. One of the RR Forum members jokingly commented...

    Tie her to a tree and get a bible.
    Then start reading to her all of the genealogies in Leviticus over and over.
    I promise you she will get saved real fast.

    Again, it was probably a joke, but that's still creepy.

    Anyway, I hear ya about that Christian bubble thing...

  6. oh, those poor, poor women.
    both of them.

    i feel sorry for people who are raised so fundy that they react this way. look at it - she's known this atheist for YEARS, admires her! and then loses the only friend she has that it at all *interesting*, because she has been brainwashed to react to atheists with fear.

    don't get me wrong, i feel even worse for the atheist in these scenarios - there is nothing worse than having someone who was your friend for a long time all the sudden becoming *AFRAID* of you [and what you might represent]!


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