Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Immorality Limbo- How Low Can the RCC Go?

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It's like the Catholic Church misses the immoral glory days of the Inquisition and the Crusades. That's really the only explanation I can think of for the recent behavior of the Catholic Church. They're so busy denying gays rights, using poor people as bargaining chips, aiding and abetting pedophiles and participating in genocide, it's a wonder they have any time left over to rail against preventing AIDS.

That's right: participating in genocide.

On 7 May 1994 soldiers and militias arrived at Shyogwe Diocese [Rwanda] aboard a red pick-up vehicle to transport civilian Tutsi refugees to the killing sites. "On that day Bishop Samuel Musabyimana was present and, addressing the soldiers and militias, publicly stated that he did not oppose the killing of Tutsis, but that he did not want killings at the Diocese and that the Tutsis should be taken to Kabgayi to be killed."

. . .

On 22 April 1994, Séraphine Mukamana had hidden herself in a garage when militias attacked a convent in Sovu in southern Rwanda. "We sought refugee in the garage and closed and barricaded the doors. Outside a bloodbath is going on. Suddenly an orphan begins to weep as it gets to hot in the garage. At once, the killers approach the garage." As the refugees refuse to come out, the militia leader Emmanuel Rekeraho decides to burn them alive in the garage. "'The nuns are coming to help us. They are bringing gasoline,' I heard [Rekeraho] say. Looking through a hole that the militiamen meanwhile had made in the wall, I indeed saw Sister Gertrude and Sister Kisito. The latter was carrying a petrol can. Shortly upon that, the garage is set on fire."

Read the entire article. Essentially, it is alleged that the Catholic Church deliberately polarized the dominant Hutus in order to gain converts and power, an action that led directly to the genocide of the Tutsis at Hutu hands, and then gleefully participated in the killing. I really thought the RCC couldn't beat aiding and abetting pedophiles, but then I never considered genocide as a reasonable option.


  1. "but then I never considered genocide as a reasonable option".

    That's your mistake right there. Nothing is beneath these guys.

  2. The Catholic Church was in deep with the Belgian government at perpetuating Belgium's murderous colonial rule during the royal period and its exploitative and divisive rule afterward through to independence. It wouldn't surprise me that this continues to the present day - the Catholic Church has lots of nasty habits that take centuries to eliminate, if ever.


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