Thursday, July 8, 2010

God Is Frowning Down on You Right Now

unrelated, but hilarious

Oh, that Spurgeon:

"He is angry with you this moment – and always. You go to sleep with an angry God gazing into your face. You wake in the morning, and if your eye were not dim, you would perceive His frowning countenance. He is angry with you even when you are singing His praises, for you mock Him with solemn sounds upon a solemn tongue. He is angry with you on your knees, for you only pretend to pray; you utter words without heart. As long as you are not a believer, He must be angry with you every moment (see Psalm 7:11)."

I'm not inclined to convert after reading this, but now I have an image of god hovering 1" above my face, scowling at me- while I sleep! Honestly, for someone who does believe in god, that has to be like thinking about the fact that somewhere in your bedroom there is a spider you haven't killed yet, and it could be quite large. And hairy. While you sleep!

Crap. I just wrote myself out of sleeping tonight.


  1. Well, if by "god" he meant "jesus" . . .

  2. Surely the Almighty has better things to do with His time?

    I always assumed that He only watched me in the shower - since, you know, cleanliness is next to godliness.

  3. Slayer!? Bah, everyone knows God hired the Scorpions to write his theme song: Here I am, Rock you like a Hurricane


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