Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Think There's an Amendment for That

this was nothing to be proud of

A.GuyMaligned has added more to his theory on the virgin bridegroom v. the virgin bride. (One is good the other is bad, guess which is which!) He has actually managed to be more offensive with Part III. How?

Too much anxiety causes pre-ejac, which causes the worst kind of shame and virtual disgrace. She feels compelled to encourage him with well-meaning sympathy, but even bridal softening still registers as near-disgrace in front of his most valued possession. [emphasis mine]

A chair is a possession. A painting is a possession. A woman is not a possession. One cannot own another person. I can't even express how offensive that is, or how very sorry I feel for his slave wife.

It's not even logical, if he truly does belief a wife is a possession. I really treasure my xbox, really, really treasure it, but I don't feel humiliated if it sees me trip over the rug or spill my drink all down my front. Because it's a thing, an object, just like all possessions are. If you truly regarded your wife as a possession, you wouldn't care what she thought of you.

Really, what's worse? Thinking of another human being as a thing that you own, or failing at it?


  1. Please, please tell me he's a Poe. Otherwise... is it possible to become legally emancipated from my entire gender?

  2. There's one way I can think of...

  3. I think he might have been referring to his penis, but that doesn't make it better.

  4. You know, I'm very happy to part of a sex that doesn't name its genitals.

    Btw, I suppose virgin brides wouldn't have sufficient background, but us grownup, experienced women have, at least once, seen all the various hydraulic malfunctions, so to speak, and here's what we think of them: Gee, that sucks, now come over here and figure something else out so the evening isn't a loss for both of us.

    In other words, we're not nearly as disturbed by that sort of thing as he seems to think. (Although if it happens regularly, we're going to insist on a doctor visit because we care about you and that can be a sign of more ominous things.) So, nobody get all worried that women are horribly scarred by occasional issues.

  5. It takes all kinds, I guess, but sometimes I wish it would take them someplace else.

  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but to an understanding woman is a pre-ejac really that big a deal? I mean we'll be good again 10 minutes...

  7. Not if you're balled up in the corner crying in shame you won't...


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