Thursday, July 15, 2010

Turns Out, We Need MORE Illegal Aliens

via firedoglake, a rather compelling reason to open the borders as wide as we can:

…by and large, crime is down across the board. In Arizona as a whole, it has dropped 12 percent in the past seven years. But in major Maricopa County cities with their own police forces — Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and Tempe — the rate has dropped even faster…

So, Arizona''s crime rate has been falling faster than Mel Gibson's career* for the better part of a decade, but they need stringent immigration laws to protect them from the scourge of . . . lower crime?

It gets better, though. The new immigration law is based on the principles of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has, quite literally, given up on every other crime besides illegal immigration. I wonder how that's working out for the people of Maricopa County (who don't have their own police forces and therefore must depend on the sheriff)?

…the more telling number may be the crime statistics for the portion of Maricopa County that is under the purview of controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio. According to data compiled by America’s Voice, crime in that area has actually increased 58 percent since 2002.

Ouch. I have a suggestion. Let's change the new immigration law so that it solely concentrates on one man: Joe Arpaio.

*not really, but I like a colorful analogy.


  1. Arpaio has dealt with other crimes. For example there's the crime of being a political opponent. And there's the crime of being around when he's in a bad mood. (Wikipedia gives a long list of all the appalling stuff that he's done -'s_Office_controversies .)

    On the topic of Mel Gibson have you seen Mel Gibson's most misogynist, hateful rants as presented by cute kittens?


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