Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Girl Superpowers

The TV was on when I woke up this morning and as I was making coffee and such I caught a kid's show on Nickelodeon called Umizoomi. I wasn't really paying attention until they got into the "superpowers" of the three stars of the show.

The robots superpower was that the TV screen in his torso could show any image he wanted.

The boy's superpower was the ability to make any shape he wanted, and to combine them into things. During the portion of the show that I caught, he made a sailboat and a helicopter. Now that's a useful superpower!

The girl's superpower was . . . wait for it . . . she could change the pattern of the fabric of her dress.

I am not making this up. The boy make a helicopter, the girl changed her dress from blue to flowery. This was advertised as a superpower.


  1. ............... WTF? What is this I don't even...

  2. Girls like changing clothes, duh!

    Yes, I died a little inside typing that.

  3. There are some excellent kids shows on Nickelodeon: Avatar - The Last Airbender springs to mind. Actually, scratch "kids": Avatar is a brilliant show period.

    And then there's the other sort... >:(

    ... to be fair to umizoomi, though, I'd love to have a chameleon-style cloaking system. When the girl finally gets sick of the other two, she'll be able to go invisible, sneak up behind them, grab their oversized heads and twist *crak*...

  4. to an extent, i wonder if Quasar is a bit correct? is it *just* changing the pattern, or is it "i was wearing a pinafore and now i'm in a spacesuit, yay for not dying of explosive decompression in total vacuum"?

    cuz that second one would AWESOME!

    if it's the first, i continue to weep...

  5. well, wikipedia is my friend.

    Millus Ruth "Milli" Umi
    A smart and intelligent 4 year old girl, whose voice is provided by Sofia Fox or Madeline Rose Yen [5]. She has abilities related to math skills, specifically patterns and measuring. She can change her dress to any pattern and can then project that pattern by singing "Pattern Power". Milli is usually the one to interact with the child viewing the show when it is necessary to complete the next element in a pattern in order to accomplish something. Her ponytails can be used to measure things, which is initiated by singing "Milli-Measure". She's a friend of Bot and Geo.

    thats a wee bit better... not GREAT, but better


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