Thursday, July 1, 2010

And Jesus Said Unto Them: I Got Me an iPad, so STFU

Ray Comfort, who swears he's not running Living Waters for the money, had this to say today about science:

I am for progress in scientific education. I text, tweet, and blog. I have an iPod, and iPad, and an iPhone*. I live on the Internet, have a cool and very fast laptop, and love HD and 3D TV. Our TV program uses the latest technology and graphics, and I am always excited whenever something new comes out in the field of genuine science.

Ignoring that apparently the only "genuine" science out there is being done by Apple, does this look like the sort of list that should be compiled by a man who claims to speak for this guy:

Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."

Maybe iPhones do not fall under the heading of "possessions"? Hypocrisy, thy name is Ray Comfort.

*Why would anyone need an iPhone and an iPod? The iPhone is an iPod with phone service.


  1. actually Wil Wheaton gave a good reason for thinking about owning an iPad, there are apps for games like Axis and Allies, Cattan, Stratego, etc... But even Wil said it doesn't justify the cost.

    But Ray is just a hypocrite and I can't believe he let my post through there.

  2. that is multiplayer and single player versions of those games

  3. Okay just noticed you said iPod, I am an idiot and you are right.

  4. Oh, no, I see why you'd want an iPhone and an iPad, but the iPhone does all the iPod . . . Jesus H Christ on a pogo stick, Jobs, give your products distinguishable names, will ya?

  5. Jesus H Christ on a pogo stick, Jobs, give your products distinguishable names, will ya?

    No shit

  6. Don't feel bad, I had to change it three times, because I kept typing it wrong, then reading it wrong, then correcting it wrong . . .

  7. Oh don't forget this recent post at Living Waters too:


    Because we are intimately aware of the financial challenges facing many people in the United States and around the world, at the beginning of this year Living Waters took a dramatic “step of faith” involving the Ambassadors’ Academy and cut the registration fee in half for all 2010 academies. The response was overwhelming. We completely filled all six academies (with waiting lists) within a few weeks of the announcement to cut the registration cost from $600 to $300. The $600 represents the true out-of-pocket expense to the ministry for Academy-related expenses for the hotel, meals, transportation, etc. Therefore, this reduction in the participants’ registration fee means Living Waters must raise $90,000 or draw funds away from our general operating fund to cover these unbudgeted expenses.

    We believe the Lord blessed this decision given the initial response to the request we made in February for help to offset these new expenses. We raised just over half of the overall $90,000 needed and that enabled us to stay ahead of these new expenses through the first three Academies. We praise God for his provision.

    However, soon we will be in a deficit situation. Expenses for the June Academy are due at the end of this month and we have the July and August academy expenses to cover as well. Specifically today, I ask you to prayerfully consider how you might help us offset the coming expenses and raise the remaining $45,000 needed. Your gift to support our decision to cut the Academy cost in half helps us make the Academy possible for more than 300 people who otherwise might not have been able to attend. The Lord is using the Ambassadors’ Academy to raise up hundreds of workers for the harvest and they are igniting their churches to a greater level of zeal and urgency for reaching their communities with the gospel.

    Living Waters exists through the grace of God and many wonderful prayer and financial supporters like you. You, and others who share our zeal for the lost, make it possible for us to fulfill our ministry's mission. Thank you for prayerfully considering a gift of support. Soundly saved followers of Christ are the end result of our mutual effort.

    In Christ,

    Tony Miano
    Director of the Ambassador Alliance

    P.S. - A generous donor has pledged to match the largest gift made in response to this effort, which to date is $10,000.

  8. The reason I would want an iphone and an ipod is that the ipod can hold like 160 gigs and the iphone only hold like 32 max. I like to carry ALL my songs and podcasts around with me. Because I never know when that April, 2005 episode of the Atheist Experience will come in handy :)

  9. I honestly didn't know that about the storage capacity. I wonder why? The iPhone is literally the result of an intern at Apple looking at the iPod Touch prototype and saying, "Hey, look, I can add this skype app to it and make it a phone . . . oh, yeah, that would be cool, huh?"

    As for raising the 90k? What fucking for?! What the fuck is Living Waters doing that counts as charity? It really galls me that Living Waters is given 501(c)(3) status, when they give out $500 a year in actual charity and the rest is soaking people out of their hard earned money for tracts and how to annoy stranger lessons.


  10. PF, shall I point out that 3d tvs cost anywhere from 1300 to 6300 dollars, but Living Waters is running a short fall...

  11. *Why would anyone need an iPhone and an iPod? The iPhone is an iPod with phone service.

    I carry both. On top of the storage capacity issue mentioned above by Robert I have another major consideration: battery life.

    If you have a device you're using for phone, music, internet, and entertainment that runs on batteries you're going to need to stick close to a charger. If you're going to be using one or more of those functions almost continuously (as I do with music and internet), it makes sense to separate device usage from a battery usage perspective. Since I already carried a mp3 player alongside a phone when I had my old flip phones and my HTC Tilt it was much easier to continue on in that tradition when I got my 3GS, even if it has a 32G capacity.

  12. Now battery life I get. I use a friend's old first gen iPhone for internet access at home and I have to recharge constantly. He was surprised at how often I have to recharge, because he used it primarily as a phone and didn't have to recharge nearly so often. I just thought the battery was going, I didn't really think about how much less usage it would be getting as a phone.

  13. Yeah this one just shocked me. Remember Ray pretends he's on an Average Wage. FFS Ray. Any time he brings up money again I will tell him to sell his iPad.

  14. Unfrickinbelievable.

    No, it's all too believable- people are greedy. I would rather have said "unfuckingconscionable".


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