Thursday, July 29, 2010

Love Is Hate. War is Peace. Knowledge is Ignorance.

I don't know if George Orwell spoke to any fundys prior to writing 1984, or if fundys use 1984 as some sort of manual, but they do have the whole Newspeak thing down.

God is love and says homosexuals should die.

The Prince of Peace wants us to go to war with Islam.

The knowledge being sought at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is only ignorance in the end. The scientists at the LHC are closer to discovering the Higgs boson aka "the God Particle". This is big news. Really big, cool, awesome science news. So what's the fundy response? Predictable, for one thing.

"Professing to be wise, they became fools," (Romans 1:22)

Um, okay. I'm not sure the researchers at LHC professed to be wise, but whatever. As soon as your little book contains an explanation of mass, scientists at LHC can stop looking for that explanation. Oh, wut, your book doesn't contain an explanation other than goddidit? Okay, then, carry on, LHC researchers.

I tend to agree with Shonsu. It is a bit foolish of them.

There's nothing inherently wrong with exploring the mystery of creation, but to assume we can understand it is arrogance in the extreme. Those scientists that tout the big bang theory should realize that something on that magnitude is beyond our comprehension right now. The truth is even harder to understand because God created all things and only He knows how that worked.

Assuming that these scientists actually did discover this particle, what would they do with it? Man is sinful by nature, and ten-fold in those like the majority of scientists who don't know God. I think at best, it would make man even more arrogant in his self-proclaimed intelligence. At worst, it's an invitation to play God even more than humanity already does.

Some knowledge is not meant for man. We simply cannot handle it responsibly. The Garden is the first of many examples.

So, you won't understand it anyway, and you'll probably just make a bomb with it. Which is like refusing to teach your child to read because it's not like she can understand everything ever read, and she'll probably just write bad fanfic eventually anyway. So, the next time you take antibiotics, remember that you shouldn't, because the same theories that led to antibiotics led to biological warfare and that's bad, so all such science is bad.


They're trying to imply that there is a particle responsible for creation rather than a Creator. It's a form of replacement theology, in this case replacing God with the Higgs Boson.

That's right. We shouldn't follow any line of scientific inquiry that disagrees with the Bible, no matter how factual it is. In which case we shouldn't have listened to Galileo, because the Bible is pretty darn clear about where the sun falls in relation to the earth. Rearrange your kid's solar system projects, everybody!

When Babel tried to "make a name for itself" God conceded that little would be restrained from them (unified language, etc). So he made sure their tower project backfired. They weren't trying to reach God to find out what He wanted. They wanted to enlist God in their own endeavors. Or maybe just be Gods themselves.

If the "particle" scientists are only looking for a way to explain God away by confirming the Big Bang Theory, then they are just getting their "Babel-On" (sorry).

Christian scientists like Leeuwenhook, the father of microbiology, claerly stated that everything he discovered was just further proof of the wonder of God's creation. I'm glad he found the germs -eventually surgeons decided to wash their hands before opening their patients.

It's a matter of motive.

That's, um, interesting. You can only explore the universe around you if your motives are properly christian. Yeah. Otherwise god will Babelize you. Which kinda makes you wonder why god didn't Babelize anyone working on the atomic bomb. Or weaponized anthrax. Or gunpowder. Prince of Peace, indeed.

The important thing to remember is, if science disagrees with the Bible, than our understanding is wrong, not God.

So, bats are birds and insects have four legs? Good to know.

And for the ultimate in doublethink, narcissism and Do You Not See the Irony Here?, I leave you with:

that is what they are trying to do, is "prove" there is no God. They just do not want most to realize that these scientists went in with a preconceived notion that they are going to show/prove to us ignorant "religious" idiots that God does not exist.

Their evidence would already be tainted with their conclusions that they base on their own superstitious belief that science is the "be all, end all" of knowledge.

They approach their science with false logic. Their logic is, "that once they show this and that are true, it excludes a God is at the heart of it".

I guess what I am trying to say is that these scientists have already tainted their search with a preconceived notion. They are trying to make the evidence fit their belief in their religion, science.

The place where you see real innovation, real research, is those that approach science with an open mind to just simply finding the truth for whatever they do.

Honest searching demands honest intent.


  1. Projection is as projection does.

  2. Too... much... stupid...

    Must... throw... self... off... building...

    before... it's... too... la...


  3. What Michael said. As a scientist, I find it so egregiously stupid I really can't comment on it.

  4. there's a further bit of info that these assholes miss, over and over [and then, when you TELL THEM about it, act as if you are lying...]
    many scientists *ARE* Christian. at CERN [the large scientific "enclave" with the LHC] surveys show that almost 80% of the active scientists are Christian. and are scientists *because* they are Christian - trying to know God through science and etc.

    the PROBLEM is, apparantly, that they still work within the scientific method, and won't screw things up deliberately.



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