Sunday, July 25, 2010

Your Natural Habitat Does Not Involve Tile and Linoleum

I swear I can hear them laughing as I shriek and attempt to go directly from the shower to out the window while covered in nothing but soap.


  1. The other day I shared a shower with what I always called "daddy longlegs" inadvertantly. My solution was to quickly squish the little buggar. I'm afraid if I ran outside covered only in soap little animals and childred would go blind.

  2. You know, that whole "climbing up ceramic tile" thing? That doesn't work so well.

    I suppose I should admit that I apparently moved my car by driving it around to the front of the house while dressed only in a shirt and underwear this morning. It's my wife's fault. She woke me up so she could get the lawn mower out... I was four hours in to sleeping after thirty-six hours awake.

  3. Frank: Hang on, hang on - you squashed a daddy longlegs? Why? They can't bite you, they're terrified of anything that moves and they're so light you wouldn't even feel it if one of them ran up your leg.

    We catch and release most spiders, but we've got a healthy population of daddy-longlegs living in our house. They're completely harmless.


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