Saturday, February 12, 2011

Business Cards

I've always wanted a job important enough to warrant business cards, but "attorney at law" just seems a little commonplace. I'd prefer something more interesting, like

Faith- Funkmaster

Faith- Warlord

Faith- Keeper of the Keys

Faith- Captain of the Killer Whale Cavalry

I don't so much need a new job as I need a new, alternate universe.


  1. my dad has the COOLEST business cards i've EVER seen.

    years and years and years ago [when i was 7? or so] BEFORE he changed his name to Barney [yes. this was a voluntary decision on his behalf. i have nothing else to say about THAT] but after he decided to change it, he spent about 6 months working on an anagram of it.
    i think it's an anagram? where you turn it upside down and it's still the same? lots of curlicues and such to make it that way? [like in The DaVinci Code, the "Fire" "Air" etc plates?]

    that's ALL that's on the card - the stylized "Barney" with his cellphone and work numbers - on both top and bottom, so if you turn it upside down... so, looking at that card:

    Work # [upside down]
    Cell # [upside down]

    BARNEY [huge, anagram]

    Cell #

    it's the coolest card EVAR. and needs nothing else. i bet "Faith" could somehow be anagramed... i've been trying to get him to anagram "Elizabeth" or, at least, "Liz" for me for YEARS, but he's claiming laziness. sigh

  2. DAMNIT! ok, so the top numbers are upside down in the upper left hand corner, the bottom numbers are in the right hand bottom corner rightside up. stoopid blogger getting rid of my formatting *pout*

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