Sunday, February 20, 2011

Free Soul With Conversion

I laughed until I couldn't breathe.


  1. It's always good to start the day with a laugh.

  2. The question is, how many dog souls can I get upon conversion? And do they keep well in the pantry?

  3. oh, GODS - that's. that's perfect! oh, gods, dueling theology ON THE STREET! with snarky signs and all!!! oh, it's just beautiful!!!!!!

    hey, PF, can i ask you to read over a parallel universe design and let me know if it holds together in it's design? it's a world where Yaweh is not a dick and works WITH other gods. for a game i'm running [it's NOT the world they're in, it's a world they're about to visit.] i think i need an atheist eye to make sure i'm being consistent.

    or, really, anyone who'd be willing to read it over.


  4. Sadly, I've seen that before and concluded it had to come from a random church sign generator. I find it basically impossible to believe that the pictures of the signs were taken from exactly the same place in exactly the same light conditions every single time...

  5. denelian- YES! personalfailure{at}

  6. and Geds, stop ruining my good time! You know St. Francis of Assisi would have had no problem with granting dog souls with conversion. (Or maybe you don't, you were an RTC, not an RCC. Trust me, the Assisi guy would have had no problem with it.)

  7. Hey, I might have been RTC but I wasn't willing to limit my knowledge to what my church thought mattered. That's why I'm not C any more, let alone RTC...

  8. ymail? not gmail?

    but sent. to the above :)


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