Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some People Are Lucky I'm Not the Incredible Hulk

I had a doctor's appointment today with the doctor who treats my disintegrating joints. In order to attend this appointment, I woke up my mother-in-law at 8am (she doesn't get home from work until midnight), I lied to work about oversleeping (because we're not allowed to take time off for doctor's appointments), and I failed to fully pay the PP&L (electric) all of what I owed so I could come up with the $50 copay. I fucking worked to be able to see this doctor.

Which is why I was especially enraged when, about two minutes into the appointment, another doctor opens the door without knocking- I could have been undressed, mind you- and starts talking to my doctor about a patient with Crohns Disease and a fulminating knee.

Does my doctor say, "Hey, I'm with a patient here, you'll have to wait"? No, he does not. He explains that the fulminating knee thing is a symptom of active Crohns and the other doctor needs to get that under control. They then proceed to debate just how fulminating the knee needs to be before simply addressing the Crohns isn't enough.


But wait, there's more. With absolutely no apology, we return to my appointment only to be interrupted again by a nurse with a picture of a stomach polyp*. They proceed to debate whether or not some medication can be given to the owner of the polyp.


Look, I'm sympathetic to people with Crohns Disease and polyps. They certainly deserve every effort on the part of their doctors. Just not IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FUCKING APPOINTMENT.

I felt like asking for a reimbursement on my copay based on the percentage of the appointment that was devoted to other patients. And beating a few people with a chair. Also.

*On her iPhone. There really is an app for everything.


  1. That's infuriating. It's also a perfect illustration for a blog post I'm making - may I link from my blog?

  2. and they always do this, and then wonder why i'm pissed that i got 3 of my 15 minutes. and get MAD when i say "i paid a LOT of money, i would like to get it's worth. sit back down and FINISH my appointment"
    "but i have OTHER patients!"
    "Then go interrupt THEIR appointments about ME. k? or they can wait 5 minutes, i mean, my appointment was at 3 and i didn't even COME BACK HERE until 4:50. your inability to schedule properly is not my problem, my HEALTH is my problem, and i am paying you to fix it"

    but i never went back to that doctor. ever. so...
    and i doubt i'd be lucky enough to find a new doc that quickly again :(

  3. Oh hey look. If I'd just read back a little further, I'd have seen the pain was from joint problems. Mad sympathy, I know what that's like. :(

    Also, that's excessively crappy behaviour for the doc. That said... I can't say as it surprises me all that much. :(


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