Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Follow Up: What's So Bad About Poverty Gets Hilarious

This is poverty.

Yesterday, the Jeub family, purveyors of such fine titles as "Love in the Kitchen*" and "Love Another Child" asked just What's So Bad About Poverty.

Hilariously, a large number of people decided to tell the Jeubs exactly what is so bad about poverty, and call them on the idea that they are living in poverty. The Jeubs claim to live in poverty for one very good reason: they live on the incomes from their books. Their books advocate Quiverfull philosophy- have as many children as possible, regardless of finances, desire, general health, etc. So, in order to answer critics who ask, "What about families that can't feed the children they have, let alone ten more?", the Jeubs say, "Hey, we're poor and we do just fine."

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't consider people who fly all over the country with their debate team to be poor. I don't consider people who buy 7 turkeys at Thanksgiving and freeze 6 of them in their stand alone freezer to be poor. I certainly don't consider not buying a passenger van a sign of poverty.

So what do the Jeubs hang their poverty hat on? The US federal guidelines for poverty. Yup, that's it. Mind you, for a family their size, that's around $80,000, and the federal government is assuming you spend money on child care and traveling to and from work which the Jeubs do not, and is averaged from expensive places like San Francisco to much less expensive places where the Jeubs live.

Several commentors tried to explain this to them, but Mr. Jeub is a master debater [insert joke here], and equally masterful at deleting comments and banning people. You can click here and check it out for yourself, or you can trust my summary of the debate.

Jeub: I understand poverty- I live under the federal poverty line.

People Living in Reality: You buy 7 turkeys at Thanksgiving and freeze of them in your stand alone freezer. You are not poverty stricken.

Jeub: I understand poverty- I live under the federal poverty line.

PLiR: You fly all over the country with your debate team, poverty stricken people do not do that. Poverty stricken people can't pay for a bus ride.

Jeub: I understand poverty- I live under the federal poverty line.

PLiR: We've all seen your blog. You have a home, heat, electricity, running water, an internet connection, plentiful food, cheap health insurance, clothing for your children, the list goes on. You have no idea what poverty is. You are not addressing the issue of preventing pregnancies due to poverty.

Jeub: I understand poverty- I live under the federal poverty line. I am the master! Ai winz teh debatez!

PLiR: Repeating the same discredited statement until the other person gives up in disgust is not debating and you are not winning anything.

Jeub: Ha ha ha! I win, you lose! Looooooser!

PLiR: Oh, fuck you.

Jeub: You said a baaaaad wooooord! Ai winz! Ai winz all ur debatez fur all timez!

PLiR: In about ten seconds, nobody is going to care what I said . . .

You know, I just noticed that post was labeled "part 1". Hee hee!

*Here, I'll save you some money (please skip if you are eating disordered): You probably eat more than you think you do. The portion sizes they base calorie counts on are small. As in, you probably eat 3 times as much cereal as one 120 calorie portion. So keep track of what you eat, and here's some recipes. There, saved you $20.


  1. Gag! So sick of that kind of crap.

  2. I am the master! Ai winz teh debatez!
    Ai winz! Ai winz all ur debatez fur all timez!

    I laughed out loud.

  3. PF's Rules of Debate #2: If your argument can easily be reduced to lolcat, you're not making a good argument.

  4. What a dumbass!

    So his version of Christianity apparently entails reducing his wife to nothing but a babymaking machine and downplaying/ignoring true suffering.

  5. Hi! *waves* I've been lurking around here for a while.
    I got the banhammer over there for pointing out the entitlement. And the logics fail. Though strangely enough, only half my comments were deleted. The ones where he felt like he was losing? ^_^
    My favorite part was how the "debate" went:
    jeubfamily: "But that wasn't what I saaaaaid..."
    PLiR: "Yes, yes it was. And here is why it was wrong: [reality]."
    jeubfamily: "But that wasn't what I saaaaaid... [proceeds to weasel out of reality]"
    There was some definite weaseling, at that there site.

  6. Welcome, Mandassassin! (furtively whispers: nothing is true, everything is permitted)

    One wonders how Jeub handles debates wherein you can't just go back and delete problematic statements. Not a good example for the debate team there, Christopher. tsk tsk.

  7. Just to emphasize your footnote, I joined Weight Watchers last December and the biggest lesson it taught me was that I was eating way too much. I learned to my chagrin that some of the lunches that I would have on a regular basis were more than I should have eaten *all day*.

    Now that I exercise portion control and I stop eating when I've hit my budget for the day, I'm losing weight... a lot during the first two weeks and now a steady loss of about half a pound per week.

    It feels good.

  8. it's forever a shock to me, people who THINK that they're poor. and then they come and visit REAL poor people, and they're like "HOW DO YOU LIVE?!?!"

    [best example ever: my sister. the "bad" one - STILL cannot wrap her head around the fact that Pete and i live on a thousand dollars a month. our rent is half that. but we neither of us have car payments, and thank all the gods that i have medicaid, or we'd be FUCKED. my MEDS cost 3 times what we MAKE in a month! and yet - i often feel like i'm not REALLY poor, because i also get food stamps. which means those times when i ate ramen and that's ALL don't happen anymore.]


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