Saturday, February 5, 2011

High Octane Nightmare Fuel

This. This is what I know will happen if I get anywhere near a spider. You may think this is funny, but this is a predictable event in my world.

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  1. this is me, if it's bugs [spiders only bother me if they're someplace i'll be - like the bathtub. on a wall in a room that's big? i keep an eye out, but don't worry unless it comes VERY near me. or is on the ceiling - ceiling spiders get NO lee-way]

    we have these... things, that i've been told are "silverfish" AND told are not "silverfish" but some sort of huge centipede.

    several months go, i was lying on my bed, reading.

    it crawled up the head of my bed, ONTO MY MATTRESS, then crawled towards the foot - as i sat there screaming like a horror movie victim.
    i called pete [only time EVER that he's left a bar or party and come home when i asked]

    fucker was a foot fucking long. a FOOT

    spiders may bite me [and have - i have a huge scar from a brown recluse; black widows and tarantulas HURT, but i appear to be on of those not allergic to either. i guess to make up for the bees] but they aren't...THAT. i just KNOW if something like that touch me i'll be infectedly gross for forever........


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