Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bonus Saturday Logic Fail

From Rapture Ready, regarding rapture parties (we're having one tonight at 7. Homemade bruschetta and mussels in white wine sauce. Om nom nom nom!):


I am a little confused by what they are saying here. i read this article yesterday and couldn't help but to wonder certain things about what they are saying. First, they claim this is a win-win situation for them. That if we are raptured ,then they as athiests are not going? I don't know if they seem totally athiest or not. I mean they would have to believe it was possible for the rapture to happen first, before admitting they know they're not going. And if it does happen its like a new lottery winning for them. Does any one else find that weird or is it just me?

I guess what I am asking is, they don't really seem to completely reject the idea of the rapture, or God's existence, or anything? Just seem to be happy with their lives in sin and wanna make it easier for themselves after we're gone? And if they're not completely rejecting the idea of all this being possible there may be hope for them yet. I just found it weird. I apologize if how I described this didn't make much sense.


I assume this person can draw a unicorn or a dragon, right? well, I guess they believe such things exist, then. Mah brane, it hurts.


  1. Mah Brane... it's dead.

  2. It seems like our Rapture Ready friend doesn't get the joke. There was a piece on NPR how liberals and conservatives typically look at comedy. Conservatives like jokes with a clear punchline while liberals like satire.

  3. It is like that guy they interviewed asking "What if nothing happens?" and he couldn't even imagine it so he refused to answer. You could ask me "what if eveything you touched was magically covered in a layer of chocolate?" and I could answer it.

    The reason we like to joke aout the rapture is that we like to imagine the world with a decent portion of its nutters gone!

  4. the rapture is a win win scenario. even with the rivers of blood.


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