Friday, May 27, 2011

I Am the Queen of All Landinia

Love the sinner, hate the sin. How many times have you heard that one? It's always being delivered by some hateful asshat after they've been called on the essential hypocrisy of claiming to follow a person who said that the greatest of these is love and then spewing vile hatred at people different from them.

Now, I could explore the idea that one can separate a person from their actions, which is problematic at best. (Pro tip: if zie tells you zie loves you and continually treats you badly, it doesn't matter whether or not zie loves you, you're still being treated badly.) I could also ask how one could feel hatred for a person's actions without any of that hatred rubbing off on to how you feel about the person themselves.

I could do those things, but it would be a lot easier to simply show you how love the sinner, hate the sin actually works in the really real world.

The below all relates to the commercial above. If you can't watch the commercial, it's from the NBA. It shows basketball players trash talking each other until one of them uses "gay" as a pejorative, at which point various NBA stars unequivocally state that using "gay" as an insult is unacceptable and hurtful. It's quite well done.

Of course the evangelical Christians, who are, at this point, an organization solely devoted to oppressing gays and women, cannot handle this at all.

Watching the NBA semis and I cant believe I'm watching a commercial about not using the word "gay" because it's offensive to gays.


I can't believe how stupid you are. It is stated in the commercial, out loud, in words, small words, that it is using "gay" as an insult that is unacceptable. Using "gay" as a descriptive is still acceptable. You idiot.

The word "gay" actually originally meant "to be happy". Not sure how the word "gay" began to be used to describe homosexuals. But either way, forget the commercial's message. The gays and lesbians have to be told flat out that their behavior is sin, regardless of what the world says.

Actually, the word "gay" originally meant really, really (hetero)sexually active. So, word origin fail. As to the idea that gays need to be told that their behavior is a sin, (a) I'm sure they all know how you feel about it by now, and (b) I'm sure you'll be fine with me stopping by your house once a day to point out all of your sins, and, oh yeah, (c) not a sin. Get over yourself.

You can hardly watch any shows anymore where there is blatant display of gay talk and behavior. Is not like before where one guy just played to be gay for the funny part of it (the feminist acting that looked awkward funny in a guy) but now is about relationships, kissing, and beyond. And I am talking about just regular channels, not cable.

I have started watching shows where I thought they were really good but had to stop because I saw the direction they were going with.


It was totally okay to have gay people in public as long as they were the punchline of a joke, but gay people as real people doing what real people do? outrageous!

No gays? well we can go back to the word we used as kids - bundle of sticks.

Homosexuals are trying to whitewash our language so as to make their conduct "normal".

It will not work. Yes we can live peaceably with homosexuals. They are sinners just like us - in need of love and redemption.

But sin is still sin. And men will label it what they will. Even if they do not acknowledge the One who defines it.

I'm fairly certain one cannot live peacefully with someone who throws a temper tantrum when they can't call you names. I get the impression this entire group has a list of acceptable insults, starting with "n***er" and ending in "slut", and they cry every time they have to cross out a word.

If someone's named "Gay" can you still call her by her name?

Well, "John" is also a slang term for a prostitute's client and a toilet, can you still call someone named John, John? Clever: ur doin it rong.

Why is it wrong for NBA players to use gay slurs (and get heavily fined for doing so) because they are so worried about offending homosexuals, but its ok to blaspheme God regularly? I cringe every time I hear God's name used in vain. And I have heard players say it and seen them mouth it. I as a Christian am offended. Will the NBA make the players stop?

How backwards is that? When people are more worried about offending gays than God we are in deep trouble folks.

Maybe because the people using "Jesus Christ" as an expletive- assuming this is even true- are Christians themselves expressing frustration, not heterosexuals enforcing second class citizenship on homosexuals? Just a thought.

So if we are not supposed to refer to 'gays' as gays or homosexuals, what?? Surely they aren't advocating going back to the 'q " word, are they? I really hate using the word 'gay' for them because when I grew up 'gay' was a good, 'happy' word. My sister's middle name is Gay, and I had a friend whose first name was Gay. Anyway, just commenting.

You know what word would solve your problem? None. Just refer to people by their names, like you would anyone else. Solves the whole problem.

Okay, I have the solution - let's call them what G-d calls them . . . ABOMINATION

Yeah, that same god called dashing infant's heads against rocks a good thing.

You know, I realized why I'm having trouble writing my book. The main character is supposed to stop the Apocalypse and save mankind. Quite frankly, the more of this sort of thing I read, the more I think, "Let it all burn." Then I read this, from Charles Barkley, and I feel better.

"First of all, every player has played with gay guys," Barkley said. "It bothers me when I hear these reporters and jocks get on TV and say: ‘Oh, no guy can come out in a team sport. These guys would go crazy.’ First of all, quit telling me what I think. I’d rather have a gay guy who can play than a straight guy who can’t play.”

Barkley went on to say that he believes every professional athlete has had a gay teammate.

“Any professional athlete who gets on TV or radio and says he never played with a gay guy is a stone-freakin’ idiot,” he said. “I would even say the same thing in college. Every college player, every pro player in any sport has probably played with a gay person."

It was revealed on Monday that former Villanova basketball player Will Sheridan told his teammates that he was gay during his career.

Barkley told Wise that gay players pose no problem and said, "we need to outlaw guys who suck at sports.”

Thank you, Mr. Barkley. I needed that.


  1. What is the deal with the stupid little animated emoticons? Using those stupid little cartoony emoticons makes their stupid opinions look even more stupid.

  2. At least nobody used the vomity one.

  3. It was totally okay to have gay people in public as long as they were the punchline of a joke, but gay people as real people doing what real people do?

    QFT. Some of us actually quit watching shows like "Will&Grace" because of this attitude. It got tiresome to be constantly reminded that we were allowed to be visible as long as we were funny, celibate, and alone.

    And seriously, how would this jerk feel if Christian characters were only ever treated as comic relief rather than as being serious people with lives, concerns, and relationships -- you know, like real people?

    From the jerk:

    It will not work. Yes we can live peaceably with homosexuals. They are sinners just like us - in need of love and redemption.

    Funny, somehow I doubt he treats other "sinners" -- who are also committing things God considers an abomination -- the same as he does homosexuals. For example, I doubt he's ever walked up to Sister Bertha Better-Than-You* after church and told her she's guilty of the abomination of gossip and called her to repentance in front of everyone present. I doubt he calls out prideful people with such vehemence, either. And something tells me that he's actually agreement with those who want to cut spending on welfare, social security, and other such support programs**.

    He can say "homosexuals are just like the others" all he wants. Actions speak louder than words, and his actions are telling a very different story than his spoken/written claims.

    The quote from Charles Barkley is awesome.


    * This is a character in Ray Stevens'*** delightfully funny song, Mississippi Squirrel Revival.

    ** Almost every time a prophet speaks to rebuke Israel in the Old Testament, ignoring or mistreating the poor, the widow, and/or the orphan makes the list of accusations.

    *** Please note that in many ways, Ray Stevens is a jackass. Please do not interpret the fact that I mentioned this particular song as an endorsement of the man -- or even all of his music -- in general.

  4. Jarred,

    I grew up listening to Ray Stevens and had no idea why you were calling him a jackass so I looked up his bio on wikipedia. I had no idea he had become so political and a Tea Party activist. Kind of sad.

  5. The guy who played Jayne on Firefly, Adam Baldwin, is a wingnut antivaxer. This makes me terribly sad.

  6. "You can hardly watch any shows anymore where there is blatant display of gay talk"

    Gay talk? That's a thing? Lulz.

  7. @Fannie: I'm sure he's referring to the fact that shows like Glee have gay characters that are portrayed as fully human, including the fact that they deal with crushes, relationships, and the realities of being gay.

    For some of us, it's a nice change, one I noticed as early as when Jack on the WB's Dawsons Creek* came out and ended up getting into a relationship with one of the police officers as the show progressed.

    * The scene where Jack finally confronts his father over his sexual orientation is quite possibly one of the best portrayals of the coming out experience I've seen, as is the scene in the show's finale where his partner chooses to come out in spite of his fears in order to save their relationship.

  8. There's also Oscar from the Office. It wasn't even revealed that he's gay until a couple of seasons in.

  9. Jarred- I'm totally with you on the barfy Will & Grace portrayal of gay men. I didn't watch much Dawson's Creek, but I currently appreciate the relationship between Arizona and Callie on Grey's Anatomy.

    They and their relationship are presented as fully human, flawed, quirky, smart, sexual, and adorable just as the heterosexuals and male-female relationships are.

  10. Also- so disappointing about Jayne. I'll be sure to read some m/m slashfic in his honor.

  11. You can hardly watch any shows anymore where there is blatant display of gay talk and behavior. Is not like before where one guy just played to be gay for the funny part of it (the feminist acting that looked awkward funny in a guy)

    Ohhhh! That's why that Catholic lady from the last post thought she was a feminist - Christians are getting feminine and feminist confused! "Hey, I'm totally feminist! I wear a skirt and makeup and everything!"

    Also: now I really want to write my own tv show just so I can include a token Christian character who dresses in jumpers, can't spell, and talks like an idiot...but is never shown actually praying or believing in god in any tangible way. Zir catchphrase can be to excuse any of zir strange behaviour with "...becuzz I's a Christian! DURRRRR!"

    (I don't hate all Christians btw...I've known people who identified as religious without seeming like stupid ignorant hateful assbags. This rant is only directed at the specific type of Christian showcased on this blog.)


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