Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Please Do Not Sticky Note Businesses

Look, I know this probably seems funny to some people, but please don't join the sticky notes campaign:

This campaign was started by a FACEBOOK group [The 'Hope and Change' Sticky Note Campaign (Until Jan. 20th, 2013)] and it has the potential to be huge. The idea here is to write “How’s That Hope and Change Working Out For You?” and leave the notes everywhere that people will be feeling the devastating effects of Obama policy.

Gas station pumps are a very important and strategic place. (But don’t do anything to impede the next customer’s ability to use that service – like putting it over the digital read-out window. This is meant to be an eye-opener, not vandalism or pain-in-the-ass (ism).

Look, whether you block the digital read out window or not, you are causing extra work for some poor person making minimum wage. I'm not going to post all the other pictures of this that I have seen, but people are putting them all over grocery stores, as well. Guess what that's going to do? If you've ever worked at a grocery store or any other business you already know: some poor person making minimum wage is going to have to remove all those sticky notes. Keep in mind, it's a business, not your personal property that you can sticky note to your heart's content. So some person is going to have to look all over the store to remove these stupid notes. Half those notes are going to end up on the ground- any office worker can tell you sticky notes don't really stick all that well- now becoming litter some poor person is going to have to bend over to pick up.

I am an office worker, and among my real life friends and acquaintances that makes me high class- precisely because I don't have to clean up after the public all day. I hear the complaints all the time: receipts and food wrappers left everywhere for my friends to pick up. They're overworked and underpaid to begin with and now some asshats think they're being clever by making even more work for my friends.

You know what? Do it. Leave your little sticky notes everywhere. I'm sure it won't take long before an army of cashiers and stock persons decide to vote Obama just to say fuck you to the sticky noters.



  1. Reminiscent of the push to have people turn up at the Times Square Walgreens and ask for Pap smears and breast exams. Like, I get your point (and in the Walgreens case even think it is a valid point), but you are just going to be acting like an ass, you realize that, right?

    (Particularly in the Walgreens thing, it made no sense, because Walgreens has historically not been one of the drug chains to be overtly anti-contraception, etc.)

    (And actually, putting these Post-In notes on pumps at gas stations is HIGHLY IRONIC, if they're blaming the administration and not... you know... oil companies and such. Just saying.)

  2. And actually, putting these Post-In notes on pumps at gas stations is HIGHLY IRONIC, if they're blaming the administration and not... you know... oil companies and such. Just saying.

    Yup. Someone recently pointed out that the last time gas prices were this high it was $147/bbl for crude. This time around it's $112. This was from a couple weeks ago, but the point stands.

    On a completely unrelated note, have you seen Exxon Mobile's profit reports?

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to say:

    a) I used to work in a grocery store. That job is responsible for a great deal of my cynicism. High school me was under the mistaken belief that most people were decent human beings who cared about people other than themselves and reasonably intelligent. Then I start working at a grocery store and discover that most of the public are either assholes, morons, or both. People putting "witty" political commentary on post it notes all over the store would have pissed me off to no end.

    b) Part of the reason I am a "former conservative" is because since Obama has been elected Republicans including a number of people I love and care about have gone out of their way to act as willfully ignorant, impudent, childish, and silly as humanly possible, which has caused me to reexamine my beliefs. The way the right has acted in the last 2 years has been the greatest campaign for Obama in 2012 that possibly could have been directed towards me.

    Thanks to the Republicans and their stupid pettiness, I would walk through fire to vote for Obama in 2012. Thanks for giving me someone I truly feel good about voting for, Republicans.

  4. I used to leave sticky notes in my work, everywhere. One of the supervisors hated me for that. LOL

  5. oh, formerconservative, i, too, believed in the basic goodness of humanity, a belief that was crushed within one month of working customer service. now i'm so cynical i look at puppies with a certain degree of distrust. "sure, it's cute and all, but pee on the floor isn't cute."

  6. now i'm so cynical i look at puppies with a certain degree of distrust

    Aww, Daisy has a sad.

  7. ZOMG! Those ears! I just want to nuzzle them! Don't be all surprised when you get home from work today and discover that I have stolen your dog, Geds.

  8. "The devastating effects of Obama policy"? I'd say someone's being more than a little melodramatic.

    I'm coming to appreciate people's customer service induced cynicism since I've started to read The sheer stupidity and insensitivity of some people astounds me.

  9. Those ears! I just want to nuzzle them!

    They're soft like felt, too.

    Weirdly, though, she doesn't hear a lot of things I tell her to do. I'd think with such big ears she'd be able to...

  10. Jarred - NotAlwaysRight is, IMO, the BEST website to learn about how stupid people can be. absolute BEST. as in, since Pete is a manager of a watch kiosk in a mall, i've recommended to him, and he's implemented, a policy where people have to read several of the story from NAR BEFORE they take the job [because people would work for a week or 3, get someone just AWFUL, and the just - walk out. of the job. while the kiosk and the mall was open. with NO ONE ELSE there. one time, SEVERAL watches and the CASH DRAWER were stolen!]
    it's the greatest site :)

    as for this sticky note campaign: WHY do people INSIST on blaming Obama for things that are in NO WAY his fault? is it really THAT HARD to blame the right people? in the case of gas prices, the fucking OIL COMPANIES [record. breaking. profits. every. quarter.] in the case of Wall Street and the housing market, WALL STREET. in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan, BUSH and Co. in the case of this or that legislative thing the REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED HOUSE is doing, and that Obama LEGALLY CANNOT TOUCH, why the FUCK are people blaming him? in the case of unemployment, why aren't they blaming the companies who won't hire in the US, the politicians who LET THEM not hire in the US but still get tax breaks like they are - why not blame the republicans trying to take away unemployment benefits, and who block attempts at FDRish solutions [they highways NEED FIXED. we have huge unemployment. hire some of those people to FIX THE HIGHWAY. or whatever]

    nope - blame Obama, ESPECIALLY when it's something he LITERALLY has zero control over!

  11. PUPPEH EARS!!!!!!

    Oh my goodness. I want to nom on them. Just a little.

  12. Danelian: You see, I would never walk out on a job like that. However, I suspect I'd be fired after coming into contact with my first difficult customer. Or possibly arrested (and then fired), in extreme cases.


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