Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Am All About the Witchcraft, Doncha Know

Anti feminists look like me. Seriously, I am wearing that outfit as I type this, though not with the apron, because aprons are inside clothing, like bathrobes. Do try to have some class next time, dear. (edited: i managed to fix random underline with commenters' help. thanks guys!)

"The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians."

- Pat Robertson

I didn't get that from Pat Robertson's website, I got that from the blog of a young woman planning to submit to her future husband, and convert to Orthodox Judaism why believing in Jesus as the Messiah. That's a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother blogger, but the fact that this young woman is taking Pat Robertson's word on what feminism is motivates me to do what I do.

This young women reads the above quote and thinks, "Oh, well, I don't want to be a feminist if it means killing my children, selling out to the commies and eating bush. Just not into that, sorry." The fact that the above quote is completely insane and intersects with reality only in the sense that those are indeed words is irrelevant. Millions of women believe that feminism is something it is not.

Socialism/Destroying Capitalism: I am a feminist and a socialist, but notice that I have to specify that. I have to use "and" because feminism and socialism are two different things. Some feminists are socialist, but most are not and socialism is not a central tenant of feminism. So, where does Pat get that from? Feminists are generally very concerned with the treatment of poor women, so feminists will often argue in favor of welfare, food stamps and WIC. Yes, according to Pat, feeding and sheltering poor women and their children is evil.

Think about that for a bit, antifeminist.

Practicing Witchcraft: First of all, I suspect that is simply Pat's way of saying "wicked,evil person". I assure you I am not an evil person, and I'm offended you think I am. That's rude at best. You don't even know me. Secondly, two groups of people in the US believe in witchcraft as an actual, real thing that affects events: fundamentalist Christians and certain pagan groups. (Not all pagans believe in witchcraft, mind you.) Now, all the pagans I know are serious feminists, but most feminists I know are not pagans. So, the vast majority of feminists regard accusations of witchcraft as being, well, lolwut? It's laughable. Obviously, since I find the concept of witchcraft to be rather silly, I am not practicing it.

Antifamily/Husband Leaving: Most feminists I know are married and have or want children. We're not some different species, dear. We live in the same general culture you do, and the general culture promotes getting married and having babies. (Seriously, the celebrity bump watch is getting really creepy.) As for divorce, I hate to tell you this, but atheists have the lowest divorce rate and fundamentalist Christians and Jews have the highest divorce rate.

Killing of Children: At first I found that kind of shocking, and then I remembered Pat considers a newly fertilized egg to be the same thing as a toddler, so abortion. Look, people who are prochoice do not consider a fetus to be the same thing as a child. We just don't. If you can wrap your mind around that, you can understand why we don't consider a fetus to be of more importance than the woman it's inside. I'm sorry you consider yourself as less important than a fertilized egg, but I'm not a child murderer.

Becoming Lesbians: Lina, Lina, Lina, one does not "become" a lesbian. One can certainly become a feminist, or become poor, or become ill or become a Jesus worshipping . . . Jew? Really, you are confusing. One cannot become a lesbian. One is either a woman who is sexually attracted to other women or one is not. I am a feminist and I am not sexually attracted to other women. I like me the penis. A lot. Of the feminists I know and talk to on a regular basis, 75% have no attraction to other women. And of the 25% who do have at least some attraction to other women, about half are married to men and are faithful to their husbands. So, either we're spectacularly bad at becoming lesbians, or that has nothing to do with being a feminist. You decide.

So, to recap, Pat Robertson has no idea what feminism is and I dress like an antifeminist.


  1. The scary thing is, that's such an old Robertson quote.

    And in fairness, Robertson and anti-feminist both need to remember that it's not just women who are feminists. A lot of men believe that women are human beings and should therefore be treated equally, too.

  2. I used not to believe I was a feminist. I was all "Oh, that's those men-hating women who want to rule the world, right?" (not quite, but I don't exaggerate by as much as I would like).

    Then a feminist friend of mine explained the actual definition.

    I think half my problem is that I see women being equal as so intuitive, that I struggle to empathise with someone genuinely thinking women are inferior to men. Thus, in my sheltered way, I assumed that anyone fighting as hard as many women are couldn't be fighting for something so obvious as equality. There had to be a scheme to take over the world, or something.

    I felt a right idiot when Sophie explained how wrong I had been.

  3. The underline is because you have an underline tag ( open-chevron u close-chevron ) before "Anti feminists look like me..." Take that out and it'll disappear.

  4. Okay, so I'm editing the html of this post, if I explode the whole blog, it's Joules' fault.

  5. Actually, according the html on that, there is no [u]. How odd. Well, that's blogger for you.

  6. There's no underline tag. You've got a picture, and it's enclosed in div tags
    Chevron div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> ...a buncha stuff, then the end tag...</div chevron
    If you're not careful, Blogger will put what you're typing inside those tags.[in the compose window It'll show up as blue text with underlines.] You can get rid of it by moving the /div tag back, (select and drag) or, by moving the text to the right of the /div tag.

    To avoid it happening, make sure to put a space after the pic before you type anything in.

  7. also, that blog is horrible

  8. Okay, I just read this in Lian's blog post:

    1. A man needs to function in his masculine role as the guide, protector, and provider.
    2. He needs to feel needed in this role.
    3. He needs to excel women in this role.

    Okay, I admit that the fact that I like guys means I'm already not a "proper" man, but if that's what it means to be a "proper" man, then count me out. Because that sounds like a whole bunch of ego stroking, and I can't say as I'm impressed by a man who needs that.

    Give me an equal any day. Give me someone I can plan together with. Give me someone I can go to for mutual support. Because when I look for a relationship, I'm looking for an equal partner. I'm not a leader looking for a follower.

    And any caring for and protecting going on in my relationship, I hope it's mutual.

  9. I can't wait to get married so I can leave my husband, kill my kids, become a witch etc. I have to do all the things in order. It's how I roll.

  10. See, now Boganette is making me feel bad. I've been married for a while now and I have yet to progress to leaving my husband, let alone having kids so I can kill them. At this rate, I'll be 103 before I become a lesbian.

  11. Back when I was writing the crappiest blog in the universe (now deleted, with the computer I wrote it on completely formatted, set on fire and thrown in a lake, where it electrocuted everything living because I forgot to unplug it), I gave up on blogspots default editor after I got sick of it putting quadruple returns in every time I started a new paragraph, and simply edited the HTML directly to keep it as simple and clean as possible.

    And I'm going to have a lot of trouble catching up with Pat's list, because it'll mean getting gender change surgery, finding a bloke to marry, having kids (that ones gonna be hard), dumping said guy, killing the kids, performing witchcraft (even harder, since I don't believe in the supernatural, but maybe I can sacrifice the kids to occult forces beyond my reckoning and kill two birds with one stone), destroying capitalism (no need. If the rich-poor gap keeps growing it'll implode on it's own), and become a lesbian (thank god I'll have had that surgery by then, eh?).

  12. Honestly, when people like this blogger quote Pat Robertson, I'm just genuinely relieved when they don't pull out that RAEG-inducing September 11th bullshit he said.

  13. i'm a HORRIBLE feminist, then - i mean, i'm about to be steralized! been with the same man for 7 years! i didn't initiate the divorce, my ex-husband did! no kids! i don't hate men! and i just can't find it in me to be attracted to women. i tried. can't. sorry.

  14. @ Denelian - But, you'll get a pass on being attracted to women. See, since marriage is all about having children (and, really, that's the only purpose it serves), then by being sterile, you effectively convert your hetero marriage into a homosexual marriage!

    Or something.

  15. Michael;

    that's a relief! good to know i can still help fulfill the Heterosexual Agenda!

    i like doing my part :D

    honestly - i just don't GET some people. Pete's Catholic. and while he doesn't go to mass or confession anymore [as he's decided - with ZERO input from me, that confession is a "barrier between him and God"] he's fine with my religion. we DID talk about it - he wanted to make sure it was "Good", as in it was for good and did good. when i told him that we don't believe in "The Devil" he cracked up.

    but other Christians are so busy looking for enemies that they CREATE them, by branding everyone not exactly like them as "Devil Worshippers", which is extra insulting when one consideres we don't believe in the Devil.

    and i don't understand WHY they do it. doesn't the world have ENOUGH evil without them creating MORE?


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