Monday, May 2, 2011

The Land Record for Atheist Blameshift Goes To . . .

Arielle Butler (@ARIELLElaflare)
5/2/11 12:05 AM
al-qaeda and the taliban were atheist groups, they did not even practice islamic religion, they used that as a cover up

Look, my guess is that Ms. Butler is a muslim and rather understandably doesn't want even more antimuslim sentiment dredged up by bin Laden's death. I sympathize, and I sincerely hope that does not happen. I also sympathize with the fact that for the average muslim, just living their life and trying to get by, bin Laden, et al. are really embarrassing and not what you want people thinking of when they think of muslims.

I get that.

However, blaming the atheists is not the solution to that problem. We are not religion's whipping boy, Ms. Butler. You know what an atheist group is? A group of people who don't believe in any gods. After that, we're out of guaranteed shared traits and run the gamut from conservatism to socialism, pacifism to NRA member, veganism to ranch owner, etc.

We are not here to provide you, and everyone else, with a convenient target for hatred, no matter what American Christians may have told you.

It is good to know that Christians aren't the only ones with a No True Scotsman fetish, though. Thanks for that. Now leave us out of it.


  1. Let's just say for the sake of argument she's right. Let's just say that Bin Laden was an atheist. What does that prove? There have been so many people killed in the name of religion(many religions) that saying this means nothing really. Regardless of Bin Laden's personal convictions (not that I believe a word of what Ms. Butler is saying) he used religion to further his agenda. He played on the dogma and the fundamentalism to create "jihad".

    Can we not say that he was a twisted individual who like many others in the past garnered a following to carry out his evil? It won't stop here. There will always be misdeeds done in the name of religion and not.

  2. Hey, I may have been busy and not been here for a few days, but I have to protest! Happy ducks flying in the distance is not the Hell I have come to know and love.

    Perhaps they are flesh eating zommbie ducks?

  3. Surely those are sparrows, and if you've ever read that one book with the psychopomps, creepy.

    See, this shows up a lot better on my ipod, which is how I usually view my blog when I'm not at work, but if it's that bad, I could change it back.

  4. I haven't read the book, but I'm just giving you some grief. Death spewing sparrows are OK with me!

  5. Death spewing sparrows? To the lab! We must create these birds and unleash them on an unsuspecting world before anyone else comes up with this idea!

  6. "Death spewing sparrows? To the lab! We must create these birds and unleash them on an unsuspecting world before anyone else comes up with this idea!"

    Beat you to it. They're not especially effective. Just kinda gross, vomiting death all over the place and mucking up the furniture. And since the Mk2.0 Death Spewing Sparrows are immune to death (the Mk1.0 DSS's didn't survive very long, on account of, y'know, continually producing pure death in their stomach), once they infest the lab you're never getting them out. Thank evil they're sterile, that's all I can say.

  7. ya know, i get that you guys are EVIL Mad Scientists - but PF *IS* the Empress Of The Entire Freakin' World. maybe you could try working on a way to get rid of pain that doesn't involve all the side effects? and that actually WORKS to make one not hurt, as opposed to how it is now, where the meds mostly just make one care a bit less THAT they hurt?

    please? it's GOT to be better than Death Sparrows... i'm just sayin'


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