Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You Do Understand They Become People Eventually, Right?

Have I ever introduced you to the Seppis? They are freakin' nuts. Fundamentalist isn't even the word. The Pope looks like a raving liberal next to them. Their big thing is abortion and here are their tips for preventing abortions (no, they do not include comprehensive sex ed and universal access to free birth control):

I was getting impatient, “We need some turnarounds! There hasn't been a baby saved in the last hour,” I thought, so walked as close to the door as legal, cupped my hands around my mouth and started yelling, “A mother bear fights for her cubs, she fights for their life, yet some humans kill their own baby! We (humans) are worse the than animals! Children are a gift from God!” Soon a hispanic lady came out crying and left with her husband walking beside her. Then another walked out.

First of all, any number of animals eat their young, including bears, so I'm not sure that's the best argument to be making, secondly, animals also don't use computers or drive cars, should we take all our cues from the birds and the bees?

Our friend Terri asks for the brown skin model with an English language fetal development card. The brown baby is good, because it is perfect for all nationalities and makes them feel like they are looking at their baby. It even feels like a baby with a silicone body. This is perfect to give a child accompanying his abortion escort mommy.

First of all, how many people bring their children along for an afternoon of abortion escorting? Secondly, you do not give other people's children presents without their parents' permission. Unless you would like me to start handing your children condoms? Yeah, I didn't think so.

If you or a friend of yours can speak Spanish and will go with you, that is really good, especially if you live in Mexifornia where I live. Many of the girls that come are hispanic or black and some white. But the Mexican immigrants are the easiest to convince to keep their baby because they come from Roman Catholic backgrounds and are more humble. They love to hear their mother tongue, but usually can understand English.

"Mexifornia"? O_o So, your hatred for nonwhites starts outside of the womb? Save the little wetback fetuses- and then spit on them once they're born, I guess.

I often start with, “Could I adopt your baby?” or “I have three friends who cannot have children. Could they adopt your baby?”

Now that is outrageous. She has no intention of adopting said baby and she does not know three infertile people. You know how I know this? Because she's suggesting this as a general strategy. Generally speaking, not every fetus fetishist can adopt, nor do they all have three friends who can and need to adopt. This is a manipulative, vile lie.

You know what I think? I think these people are like the asshats who are so excited about getting a puppy, without ever considering that you have a puppy for a few months, and after that a dog for at least a decade. Once the fetus is done incubating, it becomes a baby. A baby who needs to be fed and sheltered and clothed and diapered and educated and raised. Dinah Seppi has no intention of doing that, nor does she care that any of that needs to be done. All she cares about is stopping an abortion. The baby and the mother can go fuck off after that.

And Dinah doesn't care. She just wants to delay the abortion until it's too late to get one, and after that, it's the mother's problem. That mother and baby both could starve to death two feet away from Dinah and she wouldn't care. As long as there wasn't an abortion, Dinah won!

Even so, can you imagine giving your baby to the person you met while they were protesting at an abortion provider- with their children? Oh, you seem like a fine parent, I'm sure your friends are excellent parents, too.

At our clinic we yell at the top of our lungs and people can hear us clearly from the inside. We know because they have told us.

You can only stand on the public side walk, not the abortion property. You can say what ever you want as loud as you want. It is your right under God. If the security guard asks you something personal such as your name or where you live, you have the right not to answer. You do not have to say anything or you can say, “I take the fifth,” or “That is private."

So, women's health care, not private. Dinah's name, private. Good to know.

There you have it, the vile tactics of the fetish fetishist. Who never spends one moment for preventing pregnancies or improving the economy or helping women who already have babies, because shouting on sidewalks, that works. Or, it's something that she likes to do.


  1. That post was truly disgusting. The level of manipulation and "the ends justify the means" mentality is horrifying.

    I especially loved your one comment:

    You know what I think? I think these people are like the asshats who are so excited about getting a puppy, without ever considering that you have a puppy for a few months, and after that a dog for at least a decade. Once the fetus is done incubating, it becomes a baby. A baby who needs to be fed and sheltered and clothed and diapered and educated and raised. Dinah Seppi has no intention of doing that, nor does she care that any of that needs to be done. All she cares about is stopping an abortion. The baby and the mother can go fuck off after that.

    So true!

  2. Horrifying and disgusting sum it up pretty nicely, yeah. Honestly it almost starts out funny, out of context, because it's just so farcical and over the top... and then you realize that, wait, she's serious, and this is an actual person who actually does this and wants to increase the actual number of actual people who are actually doing this to other actual people.

    The internet: sometimes I feel much more comfortable thinking it's just words on a screen. :-/

    Much like the First Amendment, I'd like a legal-type person to educate me about the Fifth. The former protects citizens or private entities from the government, not from other citizens or private entities, right? (Like, the government can't curtail my free speech, but you have every right to delete my comment on your blog.) The Fifth Amendment, as I understand it, protects against the government abusing its power in a legal proceeding, right?

    Anyway, what I am trying to say is: that Fifth Amendment line makes you sound stupid, Dinah. Like, even more stupider.

  3. Yeah, the Fifth Amendment protects you from having to give testimony that incriminates you. This is important because you can't like under oath, so your only protection against giving self incriminating testimony is the Fifth Amendment.

    The Fifth Amendment does not apply to a security guard asking you your name. At all.

  4. "Lie". You can't "lie" under oath. I'm fairly certain you can like anything you want under oath.

    I need to get some sleep.

  5. I'm not sure how to put into words how this makes me feel. I'm not a huge advocate of abortion, though I believe it should be available. And while I'm not a huge advocate of abortion that's more of a personal choice and not one I think I should foist on another. The fact is I've not been in a person's shoes who felt they had to make that choice and until I am I don't think I should judge them or make them feel guilty for their decision. If Dinah finds abortion so abhorrent standing on the sidewalk screaming manipulative rants isn't the answer. That's just abusive and degrading. I can't imagine that the women using this facility are doing cartwheels going into it. They haven't make this decision with glee. And to make a woman feel less-than because she's human and had to make a human choice is abhorrent to me.

  6. Any time someone pleads the Fifth outside of a courtroom, a legislative hearing, or when being arrested by officers of the law, they're doing it rong. It only applies to a situation where the government is acting against the individual and the representatives of the government are attempting to get the individual to admit things.

    Similarly, any time someone complains that another private entity is violating their First Amendment rights, they're doing it rong. I can tell you to STFU and take your Jesus garbage off my private property. The government cannot. My private property is not a public thoroughfare and, as such, is subject to any regulations I wish to put in place (within reason, of course, as I have to follow zoning and other applicable regulations).

  7. Mexifornia? I've had several discussions lately about immigration (I'm pro) with conservative friends lately and being anti-immigrant really is a religion for them.

  8. I submit to the court that I like the K9 puppehs I see in the subway. Yes, it seems like you'd be allowed to do that. Lie, like, whatever.

    "Mexifornia" is its own special kinda horrific, isn't it? It's like you can see her text screaming, "I LOVE PEOPLE SO MUCH THAT I HATE THEM!"

  9. i think i "met" Dinah - i think she [or her clone, more probably] ripped the IV giving me blood out of my arm when i was transferred to the abortion clinic from the ER.

    and then screamed in my face "It's worth it to die! it's better to die than kill your baby!"
    and i said "if i die, so does the baby"
    and she said "and you'll be in Heaven together"
    and i said "get this crazy bitch away from me before i bite her"

    but i was REALLY drugged up at the time.

  10. @ denelian: I... that's... I... wow... I don't know what to say... that's scary. Seriously, that scares the living hell out of me. How can that even happen? Why was she allowed anywhere near you?

  11. it was more of a design flaw than anything. the clinic isn't really set up for ambulance care - they had to park across the street and go thru the crowd on the sidewalk - because the parking lot is A) tiny and B) restricted. as in, you have to have an appointment, go thru a guard area [and the entrance was too small for the ambulance to go thru - too short. they've changed it, since, done a re-model and have an area set aside for ambulances, now - i was one of the first that it happened to, being mobbed when coming by ambulance - but i was also one of the LAST.] they get maybe 3 or 4 people in an ambulance a YEAR, but those people are fucking CRAZY. IIRC, i was the second to last straw - i didn't just have the two paramedics with me, but also the ER doc. a woman a couple months later ONLY had the paramedics, and one was a smallish woman, and said woman was knocked down and trampled [broke her arm] and the woman coming in [for a D&C, like me, NOT an actual abortion - although i almost never say to people "i had a D&C" i say "i had an abortion" because i WOULD have had an abortion, except porphyria killed fetuses first.] was almost pulled off the gurney and someone gave her a black eye.

    it's actually a lot calmer now-a-days - this was back in 98. at that point, people were allowed closer to the clinics, too, and there were fewer restrictions on what they could do.
    for instance, i tried to press assult charges on the woman who yanked out my IV - but she and all her buddies swore themselves BLUE that it was an "accident" and that she "tripped" and "fell into the tubing". the cops either bought it or didn't care - either way, i wasn't allowed to press charges.
    today? they'd all have been in jail. so at least SOME forward progress has been made, despite how many steps BACKWARDS we've also taken.

  12. Not only do bears eat their young, but female bears can delay or stop implantation of fertilised ovum in their uterus if they don't have enough body reserves to get them through the winter and nourish cubs, too. Check it out, bears can self-abort! I love that this moronic liar chose as an example a Pro Choice animal.

    These people also lie to women who've had abortions. A friend of mine who aborted her first pregnancy has been told by these people that her subsequent tubal pregnancy was due to her having had an abortion. Can you believe these mooks? If they weren't doing harm to innocent women it would be funny.

    They're so self-righteous but they're so wrong. Why don't they take care of their own problems and leave the rest of the world alone? MYOB applies here.

  13. denelian that is absolutely, unequivocally horrifying. The fact that you "weren't allowed" to press charges is just completely jaw-dropping.

  14. they had 30 people insisting it was an accident. i had me and one paramedic. group won. not really surprising - but the FIRST thing the clinic did was add more cameras, so that in the future there'd be PROOF.

    things are slightly better now.


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