Friday, May 13, 2011

I Had These Posts . . .

They were fabulous! And now they are gone. As soon as I get over that, I may write something.


  1. I don't know how fabulous mine were, but gone...they're gone. Just like that blogger ate them. Now I has a sad. :(

  2. Every blogspot blog I read had its posts from yesterday suddenly disappear. According to them they are coming back but they had to remove them temporarily because of some technical problem.

  3. Aren't they supposedly working on restoring those missing posts? All mine after Wed. morning are gone, too. It's almost impossible to get clear answers out of Google. Should I attempt to repost what I can, or wait?

    Who knows!

  4. I'm waiting, for the moment. Though in my case the only things I actually lost were a minor change to my layout and a zombies-then-apocalypse post. I can reproduce that from memory.

  5. I'm on vacation next week (at my house) and I had a bunch of posts lined up to post day by day. I suspect the "to be published" posts are permanently gone.

  6. i did read the ones that disappeared - but i couldn't comment, and when i came back hours later to try, they were gone.

    and - wow - ate ALL your posts-to-come? that's fucked up.

    [note to self: if you ever get around to blogging, save everything in openoffice BEFORE you post and never ever delete them, just in case]

    i hope they weren't! a week without PF is like a week without JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i'm only exaggerating a little.


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