Friday, May 6, 2011

Prolifers Think Women are Pretty F'ing Stupid

You already knew that, right? They don't trust you, an adult, to decide what is right for you, in your circumstances. They know better than you what to do with your body. They know better than you the circumstances of your life. They know better than you how you feel and what you can handle.

But this is the outside of enough (in support of laws that require women to view sonograms):

Imagine, for a second, that you are going in for surgery to have your appendix removed, and nobody actually says the word "appendix" or mentions that the goal is to take it out of you; instead, the whole thing is so wrapped in euphemism that you can't quite tell what it is the doctors plan to remove, or why. Would someone choosing an appendectomy under those circumstances really be making a free choice? Why, then, do we insist that the only way a woman can make a free choice to have an abortion is if we never actually talk about what she's having removed and killed?

Do you really think that women having abortions have no idea what's going on? They just heard about this new craze and thought they'd give it a try? Have you ever had an abortion, Red Cardigan? I have. Trust me, there is no way you could get an abortion without knowing exactly what they're doing. They describe it in detail, using real medical termino- oh. I see. They use words like "fetus" and "embryo" and you think those words are synonyms for "baby". And you think that if those poor, ignorant women just hear someone say "baby", all of a sudden their entire lives will be completely different and they will have money and support and health and everything will be okay and rainbows and unicorns will shoot out their vaginas and . . . um, yeah.

Okay, Red Cardigan, you are a woman, and you are pretty f'ing stupid. The rest of us, not so much.

after all, pregnancy only lasts nine months, but abortion is forever.

Proving once again the fetus fetishists don't give a shit about the baby once it's born. Here's a clue, RC, pregnancy may only last nine months, but the child? That's forever, too. It's forever either way, you just get to pick which forever is best for you. And don't talk to me about adoption. That's just delaying the forever for 18 years. Once that kid turns 18, they'll be at your door wanting answers, answers you may not be able to give.


  1. The right won't be happy until women are good, old-fashioned concubines again.

  2. Again, if adoption is so great, there are an awful lot of foster kids out there. Get started, pro-lifers.

  3. Just had to steal this post’s title for a quip in an upcoming post of mine.

  4. there go Nymph and Uzza, stealing what i was going to say, again.

    let me tell YOU about adoption, you pro-life idiot.
    my cousin, who is almost completely Cherokee with a small dash of "white" [Irish, which has only been considered "white" since the 30s] had a baby with a guy who was half black, half mexican.

    she wanted to give the baby up for adoption - she, herself, wasn't ready for a child, but she didn't want to abort [but she *IS* pro-choice. she worked as a volunteer at a clinic until she was 8 months pregnant and had to stop escorting women, because some thought she was an anti-choice "plant". she went back to escorting about a year after the baby was born]

    from the DAY she knew she was pregnant, she tried to find someone to adopt. the father signed away rights [he wanted her to get an abortion, but agreed it was her choice, and if she wanted adoption, she could do that].

    the day the baby was born, there was no one adopting the baby.

    she tried. and tried. she was told she could "sign him over to the state" - but that wasn't what she wanted. she wanted him to have a FAMILY - not foster care. or an orphanage [i have no clue which it would have been]


    in 2000.

    at least, not mixed THAT way.

    they BARELY survive - in fact, if it wasn't for the fact that her family IS registered, and gets money for being Cherokee, and lots and lots of state aid, they'd have died. thankfully, the people on the Rez help her. a lot. she's never had to pay daycare [for work, anyway - she pays when she "goes out"]

    but they're LUCKY. *REALLY* lucky - there are HOW many fucking babies in this country who are NEVER adopted?
    in the meantime, "Real True Christians" are adopting from Ruwanda or Uganda or some other 3rd world country, where often they AREN'T adopting children who have been orphaned, but children who have been stolen, in one way or another, from their families.

    yeah. FUCK that shit. until EVERY SINGLE BABY IN THE US GIVEN UP FOR ADOPTION ACTUALLY *GETS* ADOPTED, you assholes have ZERO room to fucking talk.

  5. "after all, pregnancy only lasts nine months, but abortion is forever."

    Wow! She could hardly state more explicitly that she doesn't care about (indeed seems barely even aware of) the lives of babies once they leave the womb.

  6. What Red Cardigan would prefer doctors say:

    "Are you sure you wish to "savagely muder" this "innocent baby"? At your stage of pregnancy, the 3 week old "precious, cuddly baby" has no nervous system or brain and cannot feel the "evil, horrible murder" process. Also, here's a bunch of pictures of dead babies we're supposed to make you look at, a totally accurate and not-at-all misleading or dishonest pamphlet about how developed the embryo... err... shit, I mean "the innocent baby" is (you'll note the pamphlet contains the legally-required seven holocaust references), and here's the red-hot branding iron we'll be applying to your forehead if you should choose to go ahead with the... err... "child murder"."


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