Friday, March 25, 2011

Girl Genius Discussion Friday - 3-25

(reposted for noobs) From now on, Friday morning will be Girl Genius discussion day here in Hell. Girl Genius updates Monday,Wednesday and Friday, so we can discuss the preceding week, and Girl Genius in general, on Friday.

I highly recommend that anyone not currently enjoying Girl Genius to give it a chance. It's a great story, the art is superb, and the characters are interesting and varied. There is romance, adventure, mad science! and so much to explore with its 10 year backlog. And, according to the authors, we're about halfway through at this point, so there's more to come. So give it a try and stop by on Fridays to share what you've enjoyed so far, ask questions and join in the fun!

This week, the Jägergenerals prepare to do what Jägermonsters do best, we finally met the impertinent mechanical squid, and Gilgamesh gets serious.

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  1. I've been lurking around your blog for a couple years, and of course couldn't miss all of the Girl Genius references, but usually skated over them as I had no idea what it was and assumed it was some sort of blog co-op (which, come on, it really sounds like it could be.)

    I finally clicked the link from this post yesterday, and I'm usually not into comics at all (with the exception of Calvin and Hobbes and XKCD...) but I'm halfway through 2005 now.

    Thanks so much for the recommendation!! :D When I catch up I may try to participate in these discussions, if you're still doing them!


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