Friday, March 18, 2011

Girl Genius Discussion Friday

(reposted for noobs) From now on, Friday morning will be Girl Genius discussion day here in Hell. Girl Genius updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so we can discuss the preceding week, and Girl Genius in general, on Friday.

I highly recommend that anyone not currently enjoying Girl Genius to give it a chance. It's a great story, the art is superb, and the characters are interesting and varied. There is romance, adventure, mad science! and so much to explore with its 10 year backlog. And, according to the authors, we're about halfway through at this point, so there's more to come. So give it a try and stop by on Fridays to share what you've enjoyed so far, ask questions and join in the fun!

This week we learned that a box set of The Young & The Restless would be an excellent present for Jägergeneral Zog, Boris smells like soap and Jägermonsters are not leedle petz, and unlike everybody else in that particular universe, they're not surprised by the identity of the Other.


  1. Also, Goomblast has more teeth than a warehouse full of the Osmond Family.
    I'm still trying to understand his particular head-shape.

  2. Have you noticed that all Jaegermonsters have the ability to open their mouths disturbingly far? Maxim's all high on hats (and possibly meth or hats made of meth) in this episode, and his jaw would have to be unhinged were he human.

  3. I have to say, today's episode has given me a whole new respect for the Jaegers... and frankly, I wouldn't have said that was possible. I suspect that Lucrezia has now officially bitten off more than she can chew.

  4. Oh, I know! I loved the jaegers before, now . . . honestly, who would have put "patient" and "jaegermonster" in the same sentence before today? You really have to luff someone to put up with that business.

  5. According to @GirlGenius on twitter today's post was Wednesday's post and Wednesday's post was today's

  6. you know, that actually makes more sense. and gives me an idea of their lead time, too.

  7. I love the Dybbuk reference.

    Also do you read Myth Adventures on the other days? I have read most of the books that one is based on and Phil does a wonderful job of putting it to comic form.

  8. BeamStalk, thanks for pointing out the Wed/Fri thing from their Twitter. That actually makes a lot of sense, and makes this little part of the story flow better for me.

    Going back to *last* Friday, I just love that Maxim and Oggie's dedication to Agatha is such that they are ready, without even thinking, to lie theatrically right to the faces of the Jaegergenerals to protect her. ("She voudn't be do Odder, vould she?" "VOT?!" "DOT'S KREZY!")

    I also loved the Dybbuk reference. As I said to PF in an email this week, it just astounds me how much knowledge is crammed into the brains of die Professoren. Between little things they say and details of their clothing (Oggie makes references to Polish foods, Maxim's uniform is modeled after some infamous Bavarian cavalry - PF can tell you which one), someone could do a fan-driven project rivaling the Harry Potter Lexicon. "The Evolution of the Social and Interpersonal Compostion of the Jaegermonsters Through History." Or something. Why do I have a job and shit to do and cannot do this?

    Anyway, these last four comics (going back to last Friday) have made me appreciate these jaegers as individuals and the jaegers as a group even more than I already did, and frankly, I thought it would've told you it'd be a long shot if you'd told me that I could appreciate the jaegers even more.


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