Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ruling with a Rod of Iron

I realized, reading this, that a lot of people in this country screaming about fascism aren't actually opposed to fascism, they just want a very specific fascist state- one led by Jesus and his rod o' iron*.

Ruling with a rod of iron. I can't wait!

Revelation 12:5 (King James Version)

"And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne."

When you think about all the nations today, can you think of ONE nation that doesn't need to be "ruled with a rod of iron"? Including the U.S.? I can't. We have lost our way more than ever before.

Funny, I can't think of any countries that would benefit from theocracy/fascism/autocracy. It's really sad when Tunisians and Egyptians and Libyans are teaching Americans lessons in freedom and democracy. That was supposed to be our thing. We were so proud of it.

Come quickly Lord Jesus. I long for your rightous rule over this planet. I long for the day when the word "politician" and "dear leader" are no longer in our vocabulary. The meek shall inherit the earth and rightly so.

These people use the oddest definition of "meek" I've ever seen.

We need you Jesus. We have proven for thousands of years that without you, we are nothing but filthy rags; meaningless and good for nothing.

Speak for yourself. I am neither a filthy rag, nor meaningless, nor good for nothing. Honestly, say that sort of thing in any other context and people will be shipping you off to a therapist.

I agree with you on this one!

There'll be no more need for a press secretary, Cabinet meetings. The word "consensus" no longer needed. No more compromises made. No more presidential scandals. No criticisms directed against our King. Righteous judgment meted out more dragged out trials. No need for LAWYERS. (no offense to any lawyers out there) Chances are you'll be just as thrilled, too!

Um, no. I just can't imagine what is supposed to be so attractive. This is an excellent description of the USSR under Stalin.

We won't have to question what our King says. Absolute Truth will reign supreme.

The list goes on and on with these wonderful thoughts....

You are scaring me.

You know, the Lost probably don't understand how we look forward to Someone reigning with a "rod of iron". Just as they don't understand how giving our lives away, surrendering our will, brings total freedom in this life. How submission truly works in marriage and in our relationship with the Lord.

No, I don't understand what is so awesome about someone reigning with a rod of iron. Nor do I understand how slavery = freedom and submission = healthy relationship. I don't think

YES!! Soooo looking forward to this time! Just imagine the peace and happiness and fullfillment you will experience knowing you are living under His authority on this planet.

Our hearts and our lives and our relationships will soar!

I'm going to send you to Egypt so you can learn all about democracy.

Can you imagine living in a place where there's no need to lock your doors - there might not even be locks! And children can play outside without parents worrying they'll be kidnapped or murdered. What a glorious day that will be!!!

No, I cannot imagine living on a planet populated by aliens.

The "rod of iron" is how God rules. It simply means that there's no compromise. God's kingdom holds the line in righteousnes and justice. If it was compromised, corruption would ensue, so the Lord isn't making any concessions.

It gives us peace knowing that He runs a kingdom where no evil dwells and that it is secure in every way.

As another has said, I'm looking forward to it.

Why can't any of these people handle spelling "righteous/ness"? So . . . the rod of iron means there will be no mercy, no sympathy, no compromise as if that were a bad thing. Scaring me, you are.

I've been watching FOX News programs (Huckabee/Judge Napolitano/John Stossel) this evening --all of them dealing with our debt crisis and unions and all--loss of our freedoms...) and have been thinking the same thing, Maranatha. Sitting in the chair, I was wondering what it will be like when our Lord governs. We know with each passing day we're getting closer.

So, loss of all our freedoms is bad until Jesus makes the loss of all our freedoms good?

IMO there will be sin in the millenium, thus the need for the 'rod of iron'. Sin will not go unpunished. Saints will serve as judges in disputes among people, and will decide these disputes on the principles and precepts of God, and nothing else. Decisions will be final, as in no endless appeals. No bribes, favorites, etc. There will be peace in nature: the lion and lamb; the child near a viper's nest, etc.
I think only the church actually receives incorruptible and immortal spiritual bodies, and in this way we will display and demonstrate the grace of God through all eternity. I just don't recall having read this particular promise in regard to OT and Trib saints, or residents of earth during the millenium.

AHA! The only reason any person supports fascism/autocracy/theocracy is because they think they will be on the winning end of things. If they thought they'd be on the whipping end of the stick, they'd fight against it with their dying breath. So, losing freedom is bad, unless you'll be the one taking away the freedom, in which case boo-yah!

Our fellow citizens, they are terrifying.

*I guarantee you that's already a porno.


  1. "We have lost our way more than ever before."

    That's right, we're evilest evil ever in the whole history of Evil.

    This person... doesn't know much about history, does (s)he?

    Also, bluefade sounds like my four-year old.

  2. I still remember one of the key points in my process of not doin' the Christian thing any more.

    I was sitting in church and the pastor was talking about the coming of Jesus. He asked a rhetorical question that went something along the lines of, "Won't it be great when we can turn everything over to the king and don't have to worry about government any more?"

    My initial reaction was, "But that goes against the entire point of the Enlightenment!" I then realized I was supposed to be all, "Yay, benevolent Jesus rule!" But even though I knew I was supposed to react that way and I was supposed to believe that Jesus would rule perfectly and lovingly and benevolently I just couldn't do it. That was an interesting evening.

  3. Jesus' rod of iron? Sounds like porn to me.

  4. This just demonstrates that people tend to believe what they want to believe. In this case, they wish they lived in a world where they didn't have to do anything except love god. They wouldn't even have to make any hard decisions, or deal with any social obligations. People crave escape from the harsh responsibilities and avarice of reality, but would becoming a sheep that's always "happy" really be a meaningful existence? "Look at me! I'm happy and love Jesus.." Gag me! I'd rather die (for real). Being a "happy" puppet in the vision of Christianity's afterlife? No thanks. I'd rather let all my atoms disperse and my consciousness depart from causality than remain forever with no end.

  5. Rat-sure Ready always struck me as extremely shallow, so far beyond the usual thresholds of shallow you start wondering if there's any water at all. It's partly due to them having well-defined beliefs about heaven: "in heaven I'll be able to go to bali and sunbathe any day I want," "in heaven I'll never have to work," "in heaven I'll to eat get lots of ice cream all the time and never get fat," etc. Those quotes are made up, but they aren't inaccurate. In their vision of heaven, if I wanted to achieve something: say, make a movie or write a novel or program a video game, I'd snap my fingers and it would be done and it would be utterly perfect and everyone would gush about my creative genius and I'd be happier than Adam Hills on pot and I would have achieved precisely nothing.

    Rapture Ready Heaven is the sort of place where I would be able to read My Immortal and marvel happily at the wonderful prose and creative vision of the author. So... yeah. [eye twitch]

  6. i REALLY have to ask - DO these people know Jesus?

    let say that Jesus DOES come and become King of World [and remember, he's turned it down before...]

    he's the ultimate NICE GUY [NOT TM] he's going to HELP the poor and the sick and the despondent - and he's going to expect his follower to do the same there won't BE a death sentence, and probably only punishment for ACTUAL crime - say, rape and murder, child molestion, kiddnapping, and theft from GREED [theft from necessity would get the person ROBBED in trouble for not HELPING that poor person]

    Jesus is the ULTIMATE communist/socialist.

    these people would HATE living under Jesus' rule

  7. You know, I think that is the basic divide between authoritarians, libertarians (of a certain type), Christians (who are often both), and social justice liberal pinko hippie filth like myself-- I cannot imagine being on the winning side of a fascist regime, and they always imagine that they will be winners. I think the only scenario in which they don't is if the scary brown people are allowed to take over, in which case they imagine that everyone is as awful and sadistic as they are, and they would be treated exactly the way they'd like to treat others.

    I don't even have a point, except to agree heartily with you.


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