Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Is the Tuesday of the Year

You know what I hate more than Mondays? Tuesdays. Tuesdays have nothing to recommend them. You know Monday is going to suck. You're prepared for it. But Tuesday? Tuesdays suck just as much, but they seem like they shouldn't. Which is why March is the Tuesday of the year.

March seems like it should be Spring, but it's not. Yes, Daylight Savings Time begins* on the 13th and Spring officially starts on the 20th, but it's not Spring. It's cold and windy and rainy, which combines three of my least favorite things: cold, more cold and frizzy hair.

You expect January and February to suck. There's no holidays to speak of**, you know it's going to be insanely cold and snowy, you know you're not seeing the sun, you're prepared. But March you think is Spring. I've been living in the northern half of the US for most of 35 years and I still enter March thinking, "Sun! Warmth! Flowers!" None of that happens. I am disappointed every year, just like every week, Tuesday disappoints.

Fuck you, Tuesday and fuck you, March. I've had enough of both of you.

*DST drives me insane. You cannot save daylight. It's there. When I lived in Indiana, they didn't do DST, and you know what? You can't tell the difference. It's totally unnecessary.

**Valentine's Day is not a holiday, it's a mockery of love. No, I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, why do you ask?


  1. Here's something to get you through the day...

    Remember, like, last week or so when I wrote this post, partially in response to a woman-hating "dating" article you'd seen on HuffPo and partially in response to a different one that dropped in to the WSJ the same day?

    Yeah. The author of the latter article is at it again. And she's learned the exact wrong lessons from everything that came before. Shocking, no?

    I'm going to take a poke at it from my perspective as a man who doesn't hate women and who doesn't really know too many men who hate women. But I'm sure you'd have something to say, too...

    I mean, if you want.

  2. Geds, that's like dangling a bag of Cadbury Minieggs in front of me and asking if I might like to try one.

    Of course I do!


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