Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All I Want for Christmas

Is a Two Toed Sloth!


  1. ... Get a sloth, buy a microscope and take a look at the stuff living in its fur.

    You'll never want to approach one again. -_- (Though granted, I'll admit the ones in that vid were cuties.)

  2. I'll wash it. It's not like it's going to run away or something.

  3. Wait, wait, wait. You want this for *Christmas*? Be a good little atheist, now. Call it "Winter Holiday" so you can piss the religious right off! Where's your team spirit?

  4. Cute. I think pandas are overrated by now, anyway.

    Hope the Flying Spaghetti Santa grants your winter solstice wish...

  5. Wow. I'd been holding out for a capybara, but I may have to reconsider.

  6. Woeful Budgie, would you name the capybara Speak?

  7. I've been hoping for a Fennec Fox myself...

  8. My obscure reference - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speak_(The_Tick)

  9. *googles Fennec Fox*


    Oh dear god.

    Those...those ears! That's just too much cute for any one animal to have, and it shouldn't be allowed.

    *goes off to alert Fuck You, Penguin*

    Thanks for the explanation. That one went completely over my head.
    [/wishing I had watched more quality cartoons as a kid]

  10. GiftMass!

    am i the only one who finds sloths kinda... creepy?

    get a chinchilla - apparantly, they are so fast and can jump so high, you need a butterfly net to catch them, but they are all sweet and cuddly, and love volcanic ash...

  11. *i have never seen a chinchilla in real life. or, i admit, a sloth. everything i know about chinchillas is from a friend who used to own one, and cries whenever she talks about (it died 3 years ago - it lived to the *very* old age for chilchillas of 16). so it may be biased. but it isn't creepy :)


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